What tense is 見えなく?

From this sentence 地下に入って、 富士山が見えなくなった

edit: or more like negative of 見える with naru attached in past tense
So it would be like," I entered the subway and Mount Fuji became unseeable"

To clarify, it’s the negative of 見える (見えない) + past of なる (なった), the い in 見えない gets conjugated like a regular i-adjective and changes to く

見えな + なった → “… and it became that (Mt. Fuji) couldn’t be seen”


Both replies above are accurate, but just to add further context, you can think of it as analogous to 食べたくなった which is 食べたい + なった or “started to want to eat”. In a negative form, it would be 食べたくなくなった which is 食べたくない + なった or “started to not want to eat”.

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