What should I add to my daily Japanese learning schedule? 📖

Here is my daily schedule. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for things to add.
Wanikani Reviews
Wanikani Lessons
Kaniwani lessons
Kaniwani reviews
Anki deck “Core 2000”
Anki deck “Core 2000 Listening”
30 minutes of TaiKim grammar guide


That´s pretty nice !
I think, what you could start adding is practice. Like reading, listening, talking. If you can, of course.
Why not starting with NKH Easy Web News (order of words probably messed up), video games if you like it, manga, books, whaterver suits your liking ? :slight_smile:
For listening, in my case, I use teacher and audio books, because I can´t find anything I like (or rather, don´t have motivation to find) in podcast or Youtube.
For the last, I think it´s the hardest, but if you have a friend, language partner or a teacher that could help. But the other points are easier to do and I think that would make a pretty good start


I agree with PetiteChose, you could add some practice. At WK level 26 you should be familiar with most Kanji used in easy reading material.
Speaking from my own experience, if I never use the Kanji I study I a) forget them and b) where is the fun in not using what I’ve learned?
PetiteChose has given some great examples in what to do in each of the categories so pick and choose what you like and get immersed in the language :blush:
I guess the question you have to ask yourself is why you are studying Japanese, what are you specific goals? If it’s knowing all the Kanji up until N1 your current study plan is great. If you want to communicate with Japanese people, watch movies in Japanese, be able to read a Japanese book you can start practising the skills you need for it (talking, listening, reading) right now.


Might be good to know how much time you spend already and how much more you can feel free to add. But I also recommend some reading at an appropriate level. The sooner you can add it to your routine the better in the long run. Can take some time feeling familiar and having a good balance of time.

Try to add one thing at a time until it becomes part of your routine. That will make it easier to manage.


Definitely add some ‘real’ Japanese in there, like an easy podcast/videos.


Any recommendations?

I only ever used the intermediate version, but I like https://nihongoconteppei.com/


Add some randomness.

Do what you feel like doing as long as it includes some Japanese and is not busywork.

I can’t imagine myself ‘reading 30 minutes of TaiKim grammar guide’. I open the book, read it and when I have enough I do something else.

I’d definitely recommend adding some Japanese reading practice in there- News Web Easy was already mentioned and is pretty good (you can toggle the furigana as well, which is useful as you get more practice), and tadoku.org has some simple Japanese books you can try if you’re nervous about starting books targeted towards native speakers. You could look at Japanese websites targeted towards kids, too! Also, if you’re like me and have one particular game, movie, book, manga, etc that you absolutely love, you could start making a dent on more advanced material by comparing the Japanese and English versions of the media and noting how they get across English connotations through the words they use in Japanese, which helps with word usage too.

How much time do you devote to the remaining things?

In general though, it feels like you’re using too many SRSes. I would throw out Kaniwani entirely in favor of way more grammar and/or reading (someone mentioned NHK Web Easy, which is a good start). Instead of Tae Kim you could also try a more comprehensive textbook like Genki and later Tobira, depending on what your overall goals are.


His beginner podcast is the best so you can start with that and always level up.

I can’t believe I just discover this site. I must have seen the link before without really paying attention. What he’s doing is awesome.

Do something fun, but in Japanese. Manga, anime, games, something. When you’re slogging through grammar and SRS reviews, it’s very easy to forget why you wanted to learn Japanese in the first place.

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if you’ve been doing all of that long enough to get to WK level 26, you should be able to dive into reading. and reading is what brings all that random vocabulary and grammar together into actual language.

read something that you’ll actually enjoy. so, considering your nick, maybe ハピネス (recent ABBC book) rather than よつばと. i picked up ハピネス when the bookclub started, and had no problem simply reading it.

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