What programming language was WaniKani made with?

As an aspiring programmer, I was interested to know how WaniKani was built. If there are other programmers out there who have an idea, please let me know!

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Probably just HTML for the whole website.
CSS for frontend and JavaScript for Backend.
Ive seen them also use BBcode for formatting comments and such but thats probably it.

Javascript is being very heavily used in the front end, mainly with the ReactJS framework.

They’re probably also using Javascript in the back end but I can’t remember for sure. They had a topic on the forum when they were hiring a new developer which probably mentioned what back end technology they’re using.


aaah, I see.


Pretty sure it’s still Ruby on Rails on Heroku, though as TheCodingFox pointed out, the recent job descriptions (last year) were about React on the front end.