What other tools can I use to supplement my Japanese learning?

Currently I use Wanikani daily, and also have Rocket Japanese / Genki. The problem with Genki is mainly I am never sitting or have time to actually read and study it.

Are there any Anki decks that apply mroe concepts than just vocabulary? I would like to focus on grammar and sentence structure.

Any other general tips or tricks would be appreciated. I am very slow progresser as my life is busy, but I am commited.


Maybe consider Bunpro then. It has SRS and it’s focused on grammar. It was created by Wanikani users.

You can check the Bunpro thread on the forums here:


EtoEto, when it launches in 2159.


I had a really good experience with LingoDeer in learning the foundational N5/N4 grammar. The lessons are broken into pretty short, digestible units. Each one has a sheet of notes you can read, but it teaches you the grammar through lots of example sentences and a variety of fun, interactive exercises. You have to pay for it beyond the first few free lessons, but for me it was worth every penny.

I do also use Bunpro - but I didn’t really start with it until I started getting into N3 grammar. It’s not the best way to learn grammar you’re seeing for the first time; it’s really more to help you review things you’ve already learned with the structure of an SRS system. That’s not to say you COULDN’T learn from Bunpro, but at least for the really foundational stuff, it may not be the best approach. It does however give you links to a variety of articles/videos for each grammatical construction. You can easily pair it with Genki as well, but if you have no time to read Genki in the first place, I don’t see how that will really help you.

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Well, there is this one deck, I’ll link it. Here you go! It does have many sentences and you can slowly get used to different sentence structures. As for grammar, I think Genki should be sufficient for some time.

A tip. There will be times when you just want to give up but just keep going and everything will be alright again! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to Hear!

On a side note

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I swear this is around the 5th suggestion/supplement post I’ve replied to!

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Awesome exactly what i wanted thanks!

If you have Rocket Japanese, I recommend taking the time to learn to build your own Anki deck out of all the vocab and sentences you learn while going through Rocket Japanese. This really elivated my progress as I was able to move much quicker through the Rocket Japanese course AND I retained the content much easier.

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