What level can I start reading books?

I skimmed through the thread and was surprised that no one posted this already. Check this link OP: https://www.wanikani.com/guide. It details all the levels at which you can do certain things with your Japanese knowledge and other general knowledge that WaniKani users should know.


I find it harder to read elementary-school stuff than middle-school type stuff. The elementary content doesn’t have nearly as many kanji, which means that, as a person that does not already know all of the vocabulary in them, I can’t intuit where words start and end. That makes it a puzzle just trying to look any of it up!

I can echo what the others are saying about Satori and NHK and TangoRisto. They’re everyday situations and news items, so good starter material.


@foozlesprite Totally this. A while back, I decided to embark on a Japanese Poke’mon play through for the breeding potential and decided Hiragana only would be easier than Kanji. Man, was I wrong. :laughing: It’s much easier to search Kanji by radical than it is to search it by pronunciation.

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