What kana?


Found this in a manga. I don’t recognize the topmost two characters. From the context, I guess they are kana; also, drawing them in jisho.org doesn’t find anything.
Am I suffering from early onset dementia, are they uncommon renderings? Does anyone recognize them?

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Is it not そ?


Pretty sure it’s そ. A similar rendering appears in よつばと a lot.

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 2.40.44 PM


Yes! It is. It makes sense there. Thanks!

Indeed it is. It makes sense there. Thanks!

They are fairly common, I’d say, but far from standard


First time I encountered them. But then again, just starting reading.

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By “fairly common” I mean you will see it every now and then


Let me tweak this up a few notches: that’s how そ is written in handwriting, so you’re going to see it basically all the time.

さ, き, む, ふ and り are also written a little different in handwriting, though it’s a little curious that the printed version of き is used here with the handwritten version of そ.


Thanks. Handwriting is several bridges too far for me, ATM, though that has more to do with “sloppiness” than different shapes. Except this one, obviously :slight_smile:

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That’s what I meant, though. You it’s fairly common even outside of handwriting

Couldn’t find one that covers all, but this one covers some of the more noticeable differences at least =)


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