What is your one best advice you would give other WaniKani users?

Do write kanjis, I didn’t the first time I used wanikani and some kanjis didn’t stick that much.
Writing does help with memorizing, when i use kaniwani, I just write the answers in a book, that way i know how to write the word, not just the sound of it.

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I don’t see why this is an issue… :upside_down_face:

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Don’t do what I do/did. Because you’ll be here forever.

Consistency is the key. No need to to rush.

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Understand how exactly the SRS works, i.e. what time intervals there are between the different stages, how leveling up works, stuff like that. When you know that, you can plan out a schedule for leveling up in X number of days and then you’ll just have to stick to that schedule and you’re good. No need to wonder day after day what exactly you’re going to do today or what you might have to do to finally level up, you just stick to the plan

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I’m not far along, but I’ve restarted twice, so take all this with a whole shaker of salt…

  1. Just keep going. Don’t start over. You remember more from five months ago than you realize!
  2. Don’t be afraid to be slow. You’ll probably retain more working slowly but diligently than blazing through at breakneck speed.
  3. If you get something wrong more than once, go back and review the mnemonic. If you get it wrong again, make up your own mnemonic.
  4. Review your leaches a little more often - much easier now that it’s actually an option in vanilla WaniKani!
  5. Exposing yourself to actual Japanese (like anime, games, manga, etc.) will help you cement vocab better than anything else, because it gives context.
  6. Just start learning grammar. Don’t wait until a certain level, just do it.
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Easy level 60 in one year hack:

  1. Make script to automatically answer lessons correctly.
  2. Make script to automatically answer reviews correctly.
  3. Automate lessons and reviews as soon as they appear.
  4. ???
  5. New level 60 world record (you are now kanji god).

make sure you spend plenty of time doing other stuff besides WK. WK will help you drill kanji, but learning japanese takes a lot more work than just drilling kanji.


i find wanikani way more useful when the kanji im learning are about the same level as where i’m at, compared to when the kanji and vocab are way above my current japanese level. it helps me retain the meanings much better. so dont rush it and use wanikani is a supplement, not your main tool :slight_smile:

" * If there is a word you dont care about and you know its not useful (im looking at you baseball vocab), set synonym as “a” and ignore it. No point on trying to remember. Reading might be useful tho"

This is GENIUS.