What is your biggest review session?

Did a 100-review session yesterday.
Now deal with it boys.

I’ve been away for 8 months (just didn’t have the time or energy after a few months into my pregnancy) and literally just logged in last night to find 1300+ reviews waiting. Got about 200 done last night and 300 today.

The nice thing is many of them were waiting to be burned so they won’t be coming back as I keep on digging into the pile. Also really glad to see how many I still remember regardless of never running across them in daily conversation like 考古学.

Also frustrating to see how many I recognize but either forget the meaning or the reading, but better than the ones I don’t have any memory of at all!

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Can I ask you something? That design reminds me a lot to the heat review bar from Anki, did you somehow put your WaniKani kanji levels in Anki? I’m loving WaniKani, but sometimes I’m not on my computer and I can’t review the kanji! I’ve seen a few ways to have WaniKani in your phone, and I’ve seen that there are WaniKani decks for Anki, but I was just curious how you review your kanji! Maybe it’s just in your PC but I wanted to ask anyway, thanks in advance!

I’m just using the standard WaniKani desktop experience for doing lessons and reviews. I have a few user scripts to show different information on the front page. What you see is from the Wanikani Heatmap script.


if you are looking for something on your phone there is



I just met this little lady for the first time. I got super busy with grad school for the past 4 months and didn’t have any time for WK. Turned in my last paper of the semester last night and I’ve got a 3 hour work shift ahead of me in an empty library so I’m trying to bully myself into doing some reviews right now by posting here. Can’t say a pile this big doesn’t feel daunting… :grimacing:



Highest mine has ever gotten is probably over 550. I think that’s happened twice and it took me like a week to get them back down to zero.

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Mine was about 200; don’t remember the exact number.

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