What is the reorder script and how to figure out a pace?

Hey! I’ve been browsing the forums a lot recently to see advice people have given for pacing. I see the re-order script mentioned a TON but I don’t really understand what it is (I know what addons are and am already using quite a few, I just don’t know that one specifically). As for pacing, I know everyone has a different speed they prefer but what can you expect from different ones? Right now I’m doing 10 a day but feel like I could easily increase it (granted I still don’t have all that much to review since I just started). Also, do lessons all have to be in the morning or can you for example do 10 in the morning and another 10 in the afternoon? Will that break the SRS? Thanks!


The 1st review session is 4 hrs after your lesson, the second is 8 hrs after that (i.e. 12 hrs after lesson), so if you do a second batch of lessons a bit more than 4 hours before bed, you will be able to review, sleep 8 hrs then review again when you wake up.

There are a number of re-ordering scripts - can you link to a specific one you had in mind?

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I don’t have a specific one in mind yet. I just don’t quite understand what they do or how they are used.

When you have managed to get 90% of your radicals and kanji in level 1 to guru level, you will level up to 2 and unlock many new lessons, but with standard no-script WK, you will have to finish all your remaining vocabulary lessons from level 1 before you can access level 2 lessons. Because vocab does not determine your progress, scripts were written that allow you to access the radical and kanji lessons right away so that you can level up more quickly.

Does that make sense?


That makes a lot more sense! Thanks!


This is a tricky one, and depends on so many personal variables. While my lvl reads 13, I have reset once, so this is my 29th lvl - in that time I have tried everything from 5 lessons a day to 21 (using aforementioned reorder script with 8 day level ups) with all sorts in between; I’m now doing 11 items a day, as that seems to best fit my life.

Are there any time pressures for you to finish (moving to Japan, Japanese-related work goals)? If so, just crunch some basic numbers (many of which can be found on the wkstats page), and see what your workload needs to be and if you think it is doable while maintaining your other commitments.

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Hi. I personally have never tried to use the re-order script as I couldn´t see the point. Learning the vocab reinforces the new kanji better before going on to the next batch. But each to their own, I suppose.


Another thing to remember regarding pace is that if you do consistantly do your 10 lessons every day, they will keep recurring until they are burned and you can end up with 8-fold the number of reviews you’re doing now, or more if your accuracy is low. Think of the future :wink:

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Do people feel a reorder script is a good idea for people not going for max speed? If you aren’t trying to go turbo speed, getting to your new kanji early doesn’t do much for you.

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I use the Wanikani Lesson Filter (which my tablet is not letting me link to at the mo :sweat:) which does allow you ‘early access’ but I and its creator use(d) it to spread the radicals and kanji across most of the level instead of doing them in big chunks. I look up most of the radicals and kanji in an etymological dictionary, so the mental workload is greater, and its nice to be able to do it bit by bit.


Now it lets me! (That’s the link to the filter, btw)

My script is getting a lot of love today. :slight_smile:

As you said, I built and used it to keep my workload balanced (learn kanji and vocab together instead of all kanji then all vocab), not specifically to go faster. But just like the reorder script it can let you go faster too, without having to do all your lessons in one day.


Yep, I use it like this too. To offer me greater control, rather than greater speed.


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