What is the level distribution on here?

Yesterday and the day before, I learnt how many members there are in the three different level 60 groups:

  • 357 free accounts (as of yesterday)
  • 392 paid accounts (as of two days ago)
  • 984 lifetime accounts

Since I’m in the lifetime group, I also know how many lifetime members there are in total on the forum:


Tell me if I got the URLs wrong - I don’t have access to the non-lifetime groups, but here they are:

Lifetime groupLevel 60 lifetime group
Paid groupLevel 60 paid group
Free groupLevel 60 free group




What happens if your account runs out, can you still do reviews etc on your existing lessons? Can you do more lessons on your current level? Can you just do reviews on content from the free level?

I ask because I could see myself at the point where the year I have paid for is up, and I want to focus on other priorities for a bit but don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made. I wonder whether some of the free level 4+ users are maintaining, rather than off the wagon completely.

how was this possible??

I thought after level 3 we all had to pay to keep getting lessons and reviews.

It’s possible by the powers of joking


You’ll only see items from the free levels. So you can continue to review those until they’re burned but that’s it.

The good news is that your reviews will come back if you resubscribe again but it will play havoc with your intervals.


Since it’s been a while since we last made a level distribution graph. I went ahead and made a new one. Although the distribution isn’t all that different from last time, we just have more users now. We finally managed to cross 100000 users with the Basic badge on this forum this year :grin:

First of all, the basic graph of the total number of users per level, split up into subscription type. I’ve also added a graph with a logarithmic scale to make the drop-off slightly easier to see:

Since the first 3 levels are significantly higher than all other levels. I also made graphs excluding the first 3 levels, so the other levels are slightly easier to see:

And finally, I made some graphs that show how many users reach a given level.

So the overall distribution didn’t change that much this year, but the number of users did increase quite a bit this year. There are a lot of us now :grin:


Great work! :+1:


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btw @BIsTheAnswer I get the feeling that the top graphs are a bit off, or at least the second one is.

Aren’t some of the life-time subscribers hidden behind the explanation tag here?

or is that all because of you excluding the first 3 levels?

They shouldn’t be, the second one is logarithmic, so it’s a bit shorter since it’s at the top of the graph. If you take a look at the scale on the left and determine the values for the bottom and the top of the segment they still match up.


This is why I don’t dabble in statistics. ^^; it was just visually standing out to me, so got me curious.

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It’s a bit of a problem with bar segments on logarithmic scale. The segment at the bottom looks a lot larger than the one at the top even if the one at the top might actually have a larger number. I included the logarithmic scales mostly since they make it clearer that the drop off in users per level is roughly exponential (it’s a line in the logarithmic graph), but that does mean that reading the exact values for the sub-segments becomes a bit harder :grin:


Thanks for explaining! I don’t have any likes, but plz take this!



Ooh log scales! Looks like there’s a slight bump (or reduction of the reduction anyway) at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. Slight round-number goal effect?

I’m sure this was mentioned before, but I’m too lazy to scroll back: “free” users at high levels? Are we assuming that means they quit for good at that level and let their subscription run out?


The data is based of the forum’s categories, which divide users based on subscription type. You’re marked as free if you don’t have any subscription active, so free users above level 3 must have let their subscription run out. I assume the majority of them quit, although there might be a small percentage who later resubscribes.

Since I still have a dataset from November 2020 I could quickly check how many of the free users above level 3 resubscribed in that time if you want to. It could give us a rough idea of how many users end up resubscribing later on.


Great job. I enjoy these quite a bit, feels good to beat the odds.


I just think, well it depends on what we’re trying to see I guess. “How many people have ever achieved” level X would be the bar that shows on these graphs, PLUS all the ones above it. “How many people are actively on” level X seems like it would be the bar on these graphs MINUS the “free” users, because they’ve quit already.

Not a criticism, just, you know, thinking to myself.

some fraction of the “lifetime” subscribers probably aren’t actively working on it either, but there’s no way to know


For the active users I could make a second graph, where I simply remove all users who didn’t level up since the last time I fetched the data a little over a year ago. It would probably remove a few users who just level up slowly or only do reviews and no lessons and leave in a few users who quit during that time, but the vast majority of active users would probably level up within that time. If you’re interested I could see if I can generate a graph for that. :grin:


I decided to generate this graph since I thought it would be interesting to see the differences, but aside from taking out most of the higher-level free users and a lot of level 60 users, it doesn’t really change all that much about the actual distribution. The following graphs were made by only including users that either changed their level (either by leveling up or resetting) since November 2020, or joined after that time.

And a logarithmic one:

And one showing only users who are currently above level 3:


Thanks @BIsTheAnswer for your work. This definitely supports my earlier hypothesis

So if any of you want to get to level 60: regularly being part of the POLL thread is definitely going to help you achieve your goal