What is the easiest manga on Comico?

Can somebody please glance at Comico and let me know what they think may be the easiest manga on there. I’m having a hard time navigateing the site at my current level and every easy manga I know of is not listed in the search.

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I’d recommend trying to read some yourself and seeing which are the easiest and most enjoyable that way. Everyone comes in with different knowledge that will make different pieces harder or easier. That said, if they all seem very difficult and you feel you can’t distinguish between them in level, here are 2 of about 10 I checked out that seemed the easiest to me.


This was probably the easiest for me, but might be free for 1 day only. Though there was another manga I saw labeled the same way that was listed elsewhere on the side as permanently free, so may be worth giving it a shot.


Starts out easy but seems to jump in difficulty after the first chapter. Seems to be a trend for a lot of them. But it’s marked as free the whole way through.

Good luck with your reading! If you know you have an interest in a certain genera or story, that can be a good motivator for tackling something above your level if these are too hard or not interesting. You might also want to look into joining one of the book clubs (presumably absolute beginner or beginner).


At a random first glance, I’d say this one:


Still trying to figure out if there’s any ways to sort by tags or target audience or whatever.

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Why does it have to be on Comico in particular?

Probably because it’s one of the easiest places to find manga in Japanese without having to buy anything! I think Ganma.jp is also a good source, but I haven’t used it much myself.

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Do anyone have a good place to register the manga they read? I use myanimelist but some manga from places like Comico don’t have an official English translation so they don’t appear on the page. I want to keep track on how much I have been able to read :sweat_smile:

Plenty of non-translated manga have pages on MAL and AniList, but I also use Book Meter for tracking stuff.

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Yes that is what I was trying to find, a sort feature by age group or school year. Thanks for the help.

I’m trying to use my lunch break to start reading manga and I’m currently in a country with very limited(firewall) internet. The only manga site I can access so far has been Comico.

The site I use for manga not listed on myanimelist is this one:
I find that this site is more likely to have better descriptions for its manga than MAL, in the cases when a more obscure manga does have a listing on MAL. Mangaupdates also has more thorough genre tags, so it’s easier to see what kind of story the manga is.
I prefer MAL for how it looks, but mangaupdates does have some good information.

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I decided to test that website by searching for ご注文はうさぎですか, since it’s known but not incredibly popular and doesn’t have an official translation. The results came back with 17 doujinshi before the actual manga, which is quite odd.

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Hmm, that is rather strange. One of the purposes of mangaupdates, though, is to provide information about the latest scanlations, so maybe those doujinshi are fully scanlated or have more recent updates, and so were prioritized to go to the top? That’s not a very good system though.

I randomly decided to search up ご注文はうさぎですか as “Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka” and, for some reason, that search brought me the original series up top.

So I guess one should just make sure to pay attention to the genre tags when searching (since “doujinshi” is one of the tags) or look up mangaka names instead. Or try searching in romaji (for whatever reason).