What is necessary in a Sesson Review-- Let’s Brainstorm!

I recently saw a comment from a dev saying that they are brainstorming what to add for a possible Session Review replacement. For this reason, I felt a new thread was needed as most of the other threads simply debate pedagogy or mention their desire (or lack thereof) for the review screen to come back. As someone with skin in the game, I figured I would outline a list of things that are necessary-- and that other users could chime in.

A list Individual Kanji and Words that were marked wrong
This is the entire point of WaniKani as an effective SRS as far as I’m concerned. In order to prevent users from idling too long and to measure the fluency of knowledge gained, some users will breeze through their kanji-- errors and all.

It completely destroys the workflow of users who mark their mistakes in a separate journal and go on to practice/research towards the end of a review. Personally, I make sure to use a few colored pens and spend my time on each Kanji/word so that I can neatly organize my thoughts-- taking time to write down mistakes & look up words for frequency etc. The new method is entirely disruptive to gauge the true percentage of understanding in a fast-paced SRS environment. It becomes especially hard to manage when someone is going through hundreds of reviews a day and making progress on their level.

Percentage of Answers right/wrong

Some users like it and some don’t. I feel like this should at least be an option. I like to journal my percentage to keep track and not fall in a false sense of failure/accomplishment. It is extremely helpful for self-learners who need to have an accurate gauge of their ability.

The second that I have to use a third-party tool to divine something like this, I feel like this becomes a failure on the part of the site. Already so many of the features are delegated out to the community, but honestly I like to strive for an as vanilla version of the site as possible. I often use WK on my work PC and it becomes frustrating to be unable to see basic functionality when I dont have access to scripts.

A tiered list showcasing what SRS level correct/incorrect answers were made

It goes without saying that getting a Master/Enlightened kanji is a cause for further inspection. “Am I losing grasp of this kanji’s meaning?” or “is there an extremely strict set of words WK is looking for?” or “does WK not list all the possible meanings for this word that can be found on Jisho/other texts?” are relatively common questions for the average user.

A tiered list allows for users to further diagnose these red flag issues on their own through research at the end of a review.

The ability to mark words correct when a synonym is added
Further the above point, there are many points in which WK’s desired input completely misses the mark, and a synonym must be inserted. Personally, I am not a fan of the undo script as I feel like it can easily be a way to slide into a false/inflated sense of understanding.

Instead, if we fix the eligible inputs from the review screen (after we review a meaning to be valid through further research) it should be eligible to be marked as correct.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or things they deem neccessary? :smiley:


One possible improvement to reviews would be when you get an item wrong, the correct answer automatically pops up. I have found after playing this game for several years now that when I am trying to recall the correct answer, I will often remember my wrong input and end up making the same mistake again. Having the immediate reinforcement of correct answers would serve to increase ability to memorize words/readings.


The meaning and reading should show in a popup when I move the mouse to hover over an item. I recite meaning and reading aloud for every item and check the result by revealing the popup.

Serious question: when you get an answer wrong do you not immediately reveal the correct answer anyway (with f or clicking)?

I can understand wanting it to reveal automatically after an incorrect response as a convenience (and there are scripts that do just that), but revealing the correct answer became part of my muscle memory very early on.

I don’t understand how wrong answers are reinforced since you have to answer correctly eventually in order to complete the review.

For me personally:

Absolute Must Haves

  • List of items marked incorrect and items marked correct
  • Each item links to its item page in WK
  • Percentage correct (ideally per “session”, but if that’s no longer a thing then over a set time window, such as current day or last 24 hours, and agreed that this should be able to be hidden for users who don’t want to see it)

Probably Should Have (but doesn’t matter to me much personally)

  • Items organized by either WK level or SRS level
  • Hover over an item to see default meaning and reading

Would Like to Have

  • Record of what answers I input when reviewing that item (useful for seeing what mistakes I commonly make, or if my answer should actually be an accepted meaning and I should add a synonym)
  • Option to create a custom self-study list by selecting items from the summary page
  • Easy “export” or “print” option for summary page for those who like to keep records or use another method of learning to supplement WK
  • Ability to add synonym directly from summary page

I would want a recent history of items marked as correct, for when both reading and meaning have been answered if both reading and meaning questions exist in that session. No need to wait for the summary page. Also, this is just a minimal request. Probably marked as incorrect, or simply either reading or meaning, can be included as well. This would make simpler to be implemented and understood. The details can be viewed from that history.

When marked as correct, I sometimes still want to read the details, alternate meanings to be able to see the big pictures, and examples.

Sometimes fingers are just triggered too fast, and no going back. Also, sometimes there are 400 reviews.

Very recently I have created that History queue script with hyperlinks, nonetheless.

That’s such an interesting idea, I like it! I doubt this will ever be implemented by WK lol, but it would definitely give a new perspective to one’s own Process of Leech Acquisition.

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What I’d consider essential is:

Percentage correct.
number of Items burned
list of mistakes

Which is about 2/3rds of what was on the previous summery page, I can live without the per-category breakdowns.

If I was wish-listing new features I’d quite like a per-item history, a bit like football league tables have a last 5 matches history, so just a couple of colored dots for right-right-wrong-right-wrong or similar, maybe with a graphical indication of the level in the SRS system (expert guru etc) if the UI designers were feeling particularly clever.

If we’re doing per item anyway then time until next review on the end would also be nice.

Edit: This is also something I want to appear at the end of the lesson, as a transition back to the dashboard. I want information pertaining to the reviews I’ve just finished, not everything I’ve got in the pile, and I don’t want to have to go looking for it.


I agree with the absolute must haves but not the others

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