What is an evening edition? (夕刊 )

I’m still pretty new to Japanese culture, or maybe I just don’t know this about my own nation’s culture, so could someone explain to me what “Evening Editions” are? It’s a vocab term that apparently will appear at level 38, but I have no idea what it means other than that it is some kind of edition of something having to do with the evening.

In this context 刊 has to do with publications, like newspapers and magazines. So 夕刊 is basically an evening edition of a paper.

Here is WaniKani’s own example sentence by the way, if it helps (with the translation blurred):


The evening edition of every newspaper reported the stock market crash as their front page story.


I think it relates to bygone times where people used to put black ink on dead trees or something.


Newspaper publishers used to do multiple editions during the day. The Evening Edition was for people to pick up on their commute back home and would contain any breaking news since the morning edition was distributed with stories written the night before.

It’s not specifically a Japanese thing.


London people might like to correct me but the Evening Standard still has an evening edition right?

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