What is an average / good speed for leveling up?

8 days isn’t full speed, it’s what I get when I slack off and let couple of hours slip when doing reviews. With lesson filter and scheduling beforehand it’s easy to get 7-8 days per level avarage. I usually do 15-25 lessons with variety every day.

Just want to reiterate what a couple people were saying: There is no “good speed” for leveling up really. What’s a good speed for one person isn’t good for another. It depends on how well you really learn and retain the information.

Also, as others have said: consistency is key. It’s way easier to remember what you’re learning if you’re constantly keeping it in your head and not going on long breaks.


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Did you really mean 10 lessons a day? Because leveling up every week with only 10 lessons is impossible, unless one skips vocabulary (which is technically cheating one’s learning).

To level up every week, one actually needs to do between 20 to 25 lessons a day.


I see. Well, maybe I’ll try doing that too. My main concerns have always been dropping accuracys (which really frustrate me), as soon as I try more, and burning out from going too fast. So that’s why I’m pacing myself. I’m currently sitting at 98 %, but sacrificing a few points to save 4 days seems worth it.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s because you’re overly slow. Have you read my guide for Wanikani? I wrote it after reaching level 60 and it’s a very good read for beginners :slight_smile: You can definitely do better than 20 days without much more effort. Give it a go and let me/us know if you have any extra questions.


There is something else that doesn’t often get mentioned here. How deep do you go in your lessons? Are you learning all of the example sentences and all of the new words you encounter in those sentences, or are you simply associating a new word/kanji with a single answer and letting the SRS do its thing?

I started Wanikani with N2 certification so a lot of the value is in learning new words and context. As such, it’s taking me a long time to get through each level (with my other priorities). I tried to rush leveling up to 16 but eventually threw in the towel and slowed down when I had 360 lessons pending (mostly vocab). Now I’m doing 10 to 20 lessons a day and working through that backlog. I expect to level up again this time with 30 days invested.

I find it simply amazing how people do 8 day levels consistently all the way to 60. Maybe I shouldn’t focus so much on the example sentences :man_shrugging:


From my own experience, I would say around 8-9 days per level is a pretty good pace to aim for. I’ve actually started my WK journey about a year ago today and managed to stay relatively consistent in my study with an average level-up of 9 days. The shortest level for me by far is Level 2 (6 days, 2 hours) while the longest level is 30, which took 26 days because I put WK on vacation mode.

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I level up in 10-12 days doing 15 lessons every day, so a week per level with 10 lessons daily is not possible.

I read the example sentences after I do the lessons. If I’m tired I just read one of each vocabulary. I feel like stopping it but can’t after coming all the way reading one in every item :sweat_smile: But also learning unknown words in them seems like an overkill.

It is possible if one skips some vocab lessons. Not recommended in general.

Example sentences feel like such a waste of time when they include vocab that I’m going to learn later anyway. Of course, to each their own, but for me personally, if I go through every example sentence, I’m going to burn out that much quicker. Then again, I started off WaniKani with basically almost 0 knowledge. so different starting point and perspective.


I’ve been satisfactory with 15 days or less. YMMV.

How do you access this information?? I would love to know how slowly or quickly I’m chugging along.

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my stats: image
I usually do every single lesson that you get upon leveling up in one sitting, then upon getting the first batch of kanji/radicals to guru, I do the lessons for the final batch of kanji and leave most or all of the vocab lessons to do upon the next level up.


If you asking about accuracy rate and level duration, it is wkstats website,
https://www.wkstats.com/v2/progress/level-up time spent on levels

You need to give it your api token.

This forum post is about it with only caveat that it’s old and describes deprecated version 1. Make sure to use v2:

Oh yeah, I guess you are right. Looks like it is more like every 2 weeks for me. My bad!

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Well I try to do once in the morning and another one in the evening but I rarely do them “completely”, meaning I don’t review all the cards to reach 0.