What is a good level completing pace?

I feel slow as hell. JET ALT here trying to juggle a job with Japanese language study. Currently finishing a level every 2 weeks or so.

What’s everyone else’s pace like?

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You’re faster than me - I’m averaging 18 days/level, and getting slower as I go along. I think what makes it feel slow, is if you already know some of the kanji and vocab, but are being forced to work through the SRS system for everything anyway.

Of course, “good level completing pace” is pretty subjective measure, which is probably different for everybody depending on how much time they have available for studying.

Team: Taking it Slow (Little progress is better than no progress) thread

How do you tackle the lessons? Do you let yourself make a lot of mistakes? These are the factors.

I used to level up every 2 weeks, but I now I pre-study on Anki, so it is faster (9 days per level).

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The average is supposedly 1.5-2 years for the main 50 levels. If you use the vanilla service I think a level per ~2 weeks is healthy. Due to the randomized lessons it’s difficult to get the critical chain of items for fast leveling without a big cram session on unlocks. Longer might not be too bad, but the interconnected nature of the vocab makes me wonder if there’s an ideal pace to learn new items. Since the terms are often self-reinforcing moving too slowly might actually be a bad thing :-/

I fast level at 7-8 days on a normal week, but I’m making liberal use of the reorder script and timeline to do it efficiently. Since a lot of people have a background of studying for a long time or are in some kind of immersion situation it’s pretty reasonable to see the average skew towards fast leveling, but I don’t think it actually represents normal to the system.

Regardless, I don’t really think it matters how fast or slow people are leveling as long as they’re meeting their individual goals.


My average level up right now is 11 days, 11 hours. Is that considered good or bad? I’ve never used reorder script, but is it worth it? I am always active, so I wouldn’t typically let vocab accumulate over time.

You don’t have to do all of your lessons on level up with it. You can just do radicals, or just radicals and kanji, and complete the rest over the next few days, and complete the first batch of vocab that level over the next few days. But if you’ve been fine doing it all at once, it’s not really necessary.

It’s on the good side, especially considering you don’t use reorder scripts. The only way to beat that is to improve accuracy, which I don’t think is reasonable at all for bulk lessons on new words.

Like Uratashi says, it lets space out lessons while optimizing for leveling time. I do about 20 items per day (up to 30 if I take a day off or something) and my week tends to look something like (New level: Radicals + Kanji, kanji + vocab, vocab, kanji, kanji + vocab, vocab, vocab, level up). It’s much easier to manage since it’s the same number of lessons + reviews in total every day, rather than periodic waves of items crashing in from level ups. It also makes for more actionable goals as my level ups are completely predictable now, so I only have myself to blame for falling off track.

6 days 20 hours! :wink:

I’m a JET too. My average is about 8 days overall.

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This is definitely the first time this question has been asked :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, I wouldn’t even really count the first 3 levels into your average since they are a bit different. Maybe get to level 10 and take a look at 4-9 and how the pacing felt.

From 4-18, I averaged about 8 days per level which has been getting slightly faster over time. I use the reorder script, but I’m pretty consistent with my 20 words per day so I’m never more than half a level of vocab behind.

Overall it’s simple: Want to learn more? Do more - but only up to what you can manage.

~7 days for me. It really depends on how fast you wanna learn, how much time you’re willing to put into it and your preferences. If you wanna learn as fast as you can, then a good pace is something like 7-9 days per level. An average pace would be around what you’re doing I think. You’re the only one who can make that call though.

The only real advice I can give is don’t force yourself. Choose a pace that is both comfortable and efficient for you, something that will feel natural.

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A good level up pace is whatever you are comfortable with, What does it matter if it’s quicker or slower than others? Find your own pace that works with your life and learning schedule. Then adjust according to the many changes that will occur over your WK journey.

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I’m not using a reorder script, and I also have real life that slows me down sometimes (spring break, eternal weapon in-game quests). And I also use other resources to learn Japanese. But other than those, I work on it several times a day usually, although I’m in no hurry.

I’m only level 8, but so far, it seems like my average is 8 1/2 days.

I know there are going to be people going at a much slower pace than me, as well as a few people who are beating me by a day or two, but it’s not a race for me. This is the pace I’d go if I didn’t know how fast/slow other people’s pace was.

My average is a bout a week. I find it strange some of y’all are taking long than that

Most likely some of us can’t get to the drills several times a day, or have other things going on to prevent WaniKani everyday. Traveling, holidays, nights out, company over… Those are some of my excuses. I’m sure everyone has their reasons.

I work a full-time job, have a lot of other commitments and I spend very little time on WK on the weekends. During the week, I try do do reviews as they arrive. I find it is a nice short break from whatever else I am doing.

Still, my average so far is 9 days a level which is a good pace for me. I don’t use any re-order scripts. I took 16 days for level 5 but my father was sick and I went days where I was too busy to keep up.

When new lessons come up, I do them all. Not all of it sticks, but the next review comes up pretty quick and they do eventually stick. If the given mnemonic or radical doesn’t work, I make up my own. The ‘Butcher’ radical is for me Godzilla. In the 都 (metropolis) kanji for example, there are people and there is Godzilla. It is a metropolis. It is Tokyo being destroyed - the reading is To.

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