What is 都庁?

I think it is not Metropolitan Government itself, but the office (役所).

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Wouldn’t the actual office building be 都庁舎? From 庁舎?

Technically 都庁 does refer to the office itself, thats how 都庁見学 exist!

Obviously its not a terrible mistake, but I do believe it is a mistake nonetheless.

Isn’t this like saying “the White House will announce a decision later today.” No one thinks the building is going to speak.

It’s synonymous with the government that uses the building.

Fun fact, on the line I commute every day there is a station called 都庁前 which is (Im assuming) in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Office :relaxed:



Right, but I feel like it should have the office part added seeing as it is common to refer to the office itself that way.

EDIT: In case that wasn’t clear, I mean added as a synonym. Not added to the currently existing “metropolitan government” and having it as the only definition.

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