What is 「しよう」 doing in 「待ち合わせしようか」?

These are song lyrics from https://katamari.fandom.com/wiki/Lonely_Rolling_Star

The full line is 来月またあの場所で待ち合わせしようか which I understand as meaning “Next month shall we meet in that place again?” But I can’t for the life of me understand why exactly that’s what it means.

In particular, I’m confused by 待ち合わせしよう which just seems like two nouns in a row, with no verb in this sentence. Is しよう the verb here? Looking it up on jisho wasn’t really helpful.

しよう is the volitional form of する.

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I think it’s treating 待ち合わせ as a compound word/noun, and then verbifying it as a する verb. And as @seanblue said, しよう is the volitional form of する.

Most of the time when you search for something on Jisho that isn’t a dictionary form of a verb, it will suggest the possibility of that verb, but it seems to struggle with verbs that are irregular.