What has been the most frustrating WK level for you so far?

Whatever level I finished most recently!

A little bit more seriously, I think it really depends more on how much time I’m devoting the first couple of days on a level. If I have enough time to concentrate, they generally go pretty smoothly. If they don’t I generally have a few kanji that just don’t sink in for days.

I’m also, in the mid-teens, starting to get enough kanji that I mix up for others that I’m realizing I need to pay a little bit more attention to the radicals. And while I don’t expect to reset, I think I can see why it would be helpful.

Level 27 is where I hit a wall, and lost my motivation. I stopped doing my reviews and eventually around 2000 reviews piled up. But after 352 days, I managed to level up!


The 20s, for the reasons that people have given here. To be really specific, level 24. Having just about finished the 30s now, it seems like the difficulty calms down a little after the Hell levels, or maybe it’s just having gotten used to the frustration by now.


No. Pain was a pleasure and I’m not a masochist. For me the worst was lvl. 42, I almost gave up back then. Perhaps this was because 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.


That one level with 以 and all the vocab involving it like 以前


Level 6, AKA the level I’m currently on. This level made me actually quit last year because I was personally having a hard time grasping WaniKani as a whole, no idea how to differentiate between on and kun, and I feel like this is the first level that really bombards you with new vocab so my reviews were constantly in the 200-300+. I got way too overwhelmed and I 100% blame myself for that. I came back this year with a better understanding on Japanese now, reset a level behind while fixing my reviews, and now I’m pacing myself with the new vocab. Instead of being overwhelmed with 80 new words at once, I’m adding 10-20 a day so it doesn’t add up in the early stages. It’s a lot better now, but hoo boy, this level was the one that put me in a headlock and said “Welcome to Japanese.”


Glad to know that I’m not the only one whom nothing sticks at level 3 xD

The 20s especially the early 20s I found difficult. I think I reset the levels quite a few times. Mainly because I had just moved country so I wasn’t able to 100% devote myself to wanikani. But now it’s the 50’s just because most of the words I learn there haven’t been all that useful compared to other levels.

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Now, I had no choice but to put WK on vacation mode. This semester in college has not been my most stressful but it is turning out to be the busiest one bleh…I just want to graduate, do life stuff and learn Japanese.

My dear child, I will leave you with this nugget of wisdom…

The most frustrating level is always the current level :wink:


I laughed too hard at this :joy: :joy:

One of my all time favorite memes :grin:


I should probably make a durtle version of this quote :thinking:

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You’re a non-native English speaker?! :exploding_head:

‘Auspicious’ is not a frequently used word among us common folk. I was googling it to see what I could find that’d help it stick for you and found this: https://www.auspiciousfurniture.co.uk/

I wonder how much he charges for one of these lovely kitchens? How auspicious must one be to afford one?

I absolutely agree. This one is annoying.

But don’t worry, 似 doesn’t appear until level 31…

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似?! Oh boy…


Blimey I was thinking of making a post asking if my 100+ leeches were too many. I think I’ll shut up now. Bravo for keeping on.

Level 4 since it took me 11 days for some reason! but I’m only up to level 5 so far but at least this level seems to be going alot better.

Just asking but what is your average level up time because mine for some incomprehensible reason is 20 days!!! :thinking:

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Are leeches just the ones in the bottom right of each section with the script that shows you your breakdown within each ‘deck’ so to speak?

20 days seems awfully long but it only takes you getting a few answers wrong to set you back 3.5 days at a time.
Like level 5 you have to get 39 out of 43 Kanji to Guru in order to level up. So it doesn’t take much to hold you back.

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Yeah I guess that’s the reason.

60 because I just can’t seem to level up