What happens when you don't do reviews for a day

Alright alright, for any of you following my lore, you know that I wasn’t supposed to make a post until the lifetime membership. I know, but things happened. Anyways, had a 12 hour shift (7am-7pm) and today just so happened to include all these items for review, so yeah that was cool. Never had that many reviews at once since I do them every day.
Okay NOW I’ll see you next time in my lifetime membership post.


Enjoy the early levels while you can :slight_smile:


I do my reviews 3 times, minimum per day. I keep my Apprentice items barely above 100 or below. The most I have ever had in one sitting was 120 give or take. I find that after about 70 reviews, I start to phase out. At 100, I’m pretty much tapped out.

It’s great you can manage to get through that and not despair! Good job!

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