What happens when I upgrade to lifetime

Sooo drumroll I just upgraded to lifetime. YAY

Yeah yeah I know I’m lvl 42 and been going at it since May 2018 but I figured that I’m so attached to the Crabrigator that I might as well. I’m so slow that it will still be more beneficial than paying monthly and hey after 60 I can do it all again hehe And since I got scholarship money this year what’s the better way to spend it then on annual WK sale, right?

But anyway. When I was upgrading I was so excited to throw my money at the Crabrigator that I didn’t read fully what would happen if I upgraded to lifetime. And now I’m starving to know.

Can some kind soul go to the subscription tab → change plan and tell me what is written under lifetime? There are two wondrous things that are supposed to happen. PLEEASE GO CHECK AND TELL ME I already ascended to the eternal realm and can’t check myself.

wow I can’t believe I made such a stupid topic lol I’m so sorry


Congratulations, you now have to pay annual income tax to the almighty Crabigator


Yes it says underneath:

“Upon purchasing a lifetime subscription, you will become a durtle slave, serving the crabbigator for the rest of your life.”

Should have read the fine print :man_shrugging:t4:.


What happens? I’m confused…You will have a lifetime membership…that’s it i guess…but that’s good.

I’m off to pay for mine now!

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Oh no what have I gotten myself into

Thank you!

Good thing I’m not good with taxes so I don’t know what it means


And apparently you also become a durtle slave so watch out

But in all seriousness maybe I wasn’t clear enough. When you change a subscription plan there is a description of what lifetime is and I just wanted to know what is written there


I don’t remember either, probably something about having access to all current content and all future content.


Here you go a friend screenshotted it for me:


Note that it’s specifically not your lifetime they are guaranteeing. Which is why I continue to hope that WK continues to pay their hosting provider.

But you do get the cool purple badge.


Oh that’s clever “until the end of WaniKani” I never saw it as “it could end tomorrow” Panics


Thank you that’s exactly what I wanted!!I just made gingerbread cookies so I’ll be sure to put some aside for you and your friend

Well then, I hope I die before WK ends I guess


Lmfao I joined July 2018 and I’m at a pretty similar level as you. I don’t understand how people go through this program so fast. I’ve taken zero breaks since I started, I spend at least an hour every day on WaniKani reviews/lessons (sometimes multiple hours). Guess we’re just slow! But hey, nothing wrong with that, learning a language isn’t a race. Glad I bought Lifetime years ago though, I’d have burned so much money with a monthly subscription :joy:


Sincerely hoping they never shut this site down because I sincerely believe it’s the best way to learn kanji. If they ever do though, they better provide people with downloadable versions of all their material to put into Anki or something.


Ahh I’m glad there are slow learners like me <3 I always see those threads “get to lvl 60 before insert date that’s 1,5 year from now” and I’m like where are my slow homies at. Where is the thread “get to level 60 before insert date 10 years from now”.

In the beginning I tried to be super speed, 7-10 days on one level but at some point the amount of reviews I had to do everyday overwhelmed to the point where I took a couple of breaks/vacation mode where I didn’t do a single lesson or review in one month and when I came back near 800 reviews were there waiting for me. Now I just take it super slow but I find it much more enjoyable and I didn’t take a single break since I started taking it slow.

Soo I wish I knew what is my preferable pace because I would’ve bought lifetime much earlier too :sweat_smile: now I paid at least double the amount of lifetime and the only thing I can do is to try and not to think too much about it


This makes me feel relieved as well.

My first subscription was in 2019 and I’m currently on level 13. Most of my learning (which has been on-going since about 2016) has been me just going hard for a couple months, then taking a break, because I’m so bad at lowering and then keeping my pace. Some days I just wanna study super hard and then it comes to bite me in the back in the future instead.

With lifetime I hope to feel the ability of just taking it in a decent pace, since now I won’t feel like wasting time when a level is slower than usual and takes more than a month and goes over several monthly bills. But if I know myself well enough that’s unlikely to happen :sweat_smile:


as a lifetime subscriber, you have now renounced your soul entirely. the perks include at least one crabigator apparition per dream, increased durtling ability and immunity to badly prepared fugu!

disclaimer: none of the above statements are to be taken seriously


Me too… My last review break was 655 days ago. Funny how it coincides with the start of the pandemic.

At this rate it will be about 10 years. I could stress about the rate of pace, but I’ve decided that’s counterproductive. So it is what it is. Note that I bought lifetime in Dec 2019 as motivation get me to start doing reviews again and it still took another 6 weeks or so before I got back on the wagon.

We thank you for keeping the WK lights on. :slight_smile:


Yeah, maybe the reason I’m slow is that I only work on it each day to the point where it’s enjoyable for me (which like I said, is always at the very least over an hour and that’s a pretty big chunk out of my free time!). I can’t help but wonder the people who get done in a year and a half how much of a chore they’re making it for themselves and how much they’re actually retaining the information. I have the “undo” userscript for typos but I never cheat with it, so sometimes I get really stuck on certain kanji/words until I finally get them right lol.


Very nice! same with me! <3 not level 42 tho


I agree, i just had to

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Some people have exceptional memory. I suppose many of those who rush are in that boat.

I don’t have a good memory. That’s why the lifetime works for me. I won’t finish wk in 2 or 3 years. I think it might take me 4 or 5.

The rate I’m going at is perfect because I don’t get drown in reviews which gives me extra time to work on grammar, reading, videos, etc without getting burned out :slight_smile: