What happens after my 1-year subscription expires?

My subscription will expire soon. But just after that comes my 10-day vacation (to Japan!!!, YASSS).
I am thinking I will renew my subscription when I return home.

The real question is that I don’t have to start everything all over again after the renewal, right?

I mean, this is definitely too much paranoid of me. But, well, just in case.

Thank you in advance.


Right! :+1:


You’ll simply be restricted from accessing anything from over level 3 while you’re unsubscribed, but your progress will still be there.


My question is how can you get in on a new year deal if you subscribed at the wrong part of the year. Do they offer specials for returning customers? I sort of want to get a lifetime option but if I get to around level 50 after 2 years it’s probably not gonna be worth it since by then I can pick up new kanji myself, and I didn’t know if I should get lifetime initially because I wasn’t sure if I could stay committed.

They give you a discount proportional to the amount of time you have remaining on your current subscription.
E.g. if you have 6 months remaining on a yearly subscription, they deduct 50% of the price of said subscription (so 40$ I think, I’m not sure how much a yearly subscription costs)

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something magically happens !!!
level 4 and higher level items hold their progress until you renew your subscription.
this way, you can rest a little.
wonderful !

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i’ll definitely get lifetime. lvl 27 to 60 at my current rate might fit into 2019, but i guess burning them all will take longer.

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