What does this mean

So I just got this email:

こんにちは TheMusicalNinja、

I wanted to take a moment not to wish you a happy [your holiday or not-holiday of choice here], but instead ask you a question: Are you a student of Japanese? A Japanese learner? A 日本語 student? And, how are you even supposed to know or figure that out?

Like everything we do here at WaniKani, the answer is super simple. That doesn’t mean it’s not difficult, though.

Your identity––that’s the thing that makes you… you!––has nothing to do with what you do at work or school. If you’re a plumber from 9am-5pm, that doesn’t mean your identity is “being a plumber.” Instead, your true identity is the one that exists after 5pm and before 9am. What do you do when you’re not doing the things you have to do every day? Do you watch TV? Play with your kids? Peruse Facebook? Volunteer at the hospital? Work on your tennis serve?

It’s easy to be judgmental and say what’s good and what’s not, but that’s not what I’m here to do. I just want you to think about the following question: “who am I after work and school are done?” (Because, that’s who you are!) And, if that answer isn’t satisfactory, think “who do I want to be?” The simple answer is to just do that thing when you don’t have to do that thing and you will eventually become it. Simple, but hard.

If your answer is “I want to become someone who studies Japanese” (with the future-goal of adding the identity of “someone who is fluent in Japanese” to your repertoire), then we can actually help. Like any other answer, it’s simple: Just study Japanese when you don’t have to study Japanese. Do your WaniKani Lessons and Reviews without fail, every day. Even on Christmas, Crabsmas, Festivus, and/or New Years. You can bet that even on those most special of days, Stephen King will be writing, Lebron James will be working on his free throws, and President Trump will be watching TV.

Aside from that, there are no days off when it comes to the degradation of your memory and skill. The only way to not lose to this unending and unfeeling current is to do your Reviews when they arrive.

On that happy note, I hope you have/had a Merry [insert a holiday here]. But, while you’re doing that you need to be “a student of Japanese” and do your reviews. You only have one chance to make progress every single day.


Not sure what this means >_> I do reviews everyday. In fact, I was doing them when I got this. Did anyone else recieve this? What does it mean?

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So uh
Apparently it was just a holiday greeting and also reminding us to study O.O
okay you can all ignore this now


I got the same email and I thought it sounded weirdly aggressive as well. I’d slept in that day (Christmas eve), and since I normally do my reviews on the hour they appear with the exception of sleep, I thought I was being chastised for being late with my reviews. Weird tone to it. I’m glad it wasn’t just me lol :sweat_smile:


Same xD
are they watching me
do they know I’ve been procrastinating


Big brother お兄さん

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I was wondering a bit too, I actually didn’t do enough reviews to bring the number down. [I’m just testing Kitsun a bit, I swear!]




Clearly it means the team wanted to wish us a happy holidays and remind us to do our studies but ended up skeeving us out instead. :man_shrugging:

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