What does this mean? (デーク選択)


選択 Selection

From context I assume its Save game Selection. But I cannot find a dictionary record for デーク

Maybe something like deck (of cards)?

Doesn’t it say データ on the screenshot? That’d be data. But if it was デーク I’d assume it was deck instead.


That’s the solution. Curse you font :confounded:


Probably no need to make an entire thread for this, but yeah, that’s データ bro. I genuinely smiled when I saw the screenshot, hahaha. Gotta pay attention to the little details when the font is weird man

Why not making a new thread?

What is the reason that we want to make as little threads as possible? :confused:

No, it’s just unecessary. This will be answered and then disappear- not much of a discussion so much as it is just a Q and A

It’s ok! There are threads for things like ‘quick questions’’, which might be a more appropriate place, but it’s not a problem. As Tomoki says, it’s just unnecessary.

It makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for within the forums, and it means that the home page of the forum doesn’t get inundated with lots of short threads asking quick questions. Otherwise nearly all of the discussion threads visible when you first go to the discussion board will just be really specific questions and the larger discussions will get buried.

Oh that reminds me to start another thread about how to write small tsu.


That’s a bit different though :stuck_out_tongue: this wasn’t a duplicate thread, just a hyper-specific one.

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I think making a new thread for this is fine.


Could it be that all 'quick questions" Threads are archived?

Possibly. I don’t even remember the last time I saw one in this part of the forums. Makes perfect sense to me to have a separate thread for this.

How have you not seen the “Short Grammar Questions” thread? It’s last post was no further back than yesterday.

I don’t browse Latest very often
If I don’t have a thread marked as tracking I’m not likely to see it

But it was not a question about grammar.

I don’t want to make you angry

Both are in there anyway. But there’s a whole sub forum that’s called “Questions” in “Japanese language” anyway.

And what is the problem? The thread is in the sub-forum “Questions” :confused:

No problem at all. There is no rule whatsoever that people can’t start new threads.

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Did you read the topic?

Woops, dropped the gun there :stuck_out_tongue: will remove comment now.