What does the little thumb mean?

During reviews there is a little thumbs up sign with a percentage. What does it mean? I assumed it meant the percentage correct but it is always wrong eg today had a crap session and just before the last review item the percentage by the little thumb was about 88% but when I answered the last item and went to the review summary my accuracy was actually only 75% (although quite a few of those were for items where I remembered the meaning but couldn’t remember the exact WK definition - so annoying and it always seems to catch me out for items to be burned!)

It may be that the thumbs up percentage is by card but in the review summary by word (each word has 2 cards)


The thumb up is the percentage of correct answers, the final score is the percentage of correct items.

You have one review, start with 100% thumb up.
Answer the meaning correctly, still 100
Answer the reading wrong -> 50%
Answer the reading wrong a second time -> 33%
Finally get it right-> technically back to 50%, but the session is over so you won’t see it.

Percentage of correct items: 0%

The percentage of correct item is usually lower (exception: 100% or making a ton of mistakes on the same items)


I got confused too by that figure at first. I’ve now decided to ignore it entirely since I’ve never found it insightful.

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