What does the kanji reading mean

what does the kanji reading mean and how can i find it

An approach is to learn vocabularies first, as found in “Found In Vocabulary”. You will see that you eventually have to know multiple readings for a Kanji (namely Kun and On), and sometimes exceptional readings, unrelated to the Kanji.

However, WaniKani focuses on learning 1 reading first, and learn 1 well.

Also, please learn Hiragana and Romaji IME well, as you might run into problems later.

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thanks will take that advice

oh and do you know how i could learn the vocab

As for WaniKani, you unlock Vocaulary by guru-ing Kanji (Just like you guru-ed Radicals to unlock Kanji)

I recommend learning vocabulary from other sources as well, such as Anki or Memrise

Please consider reading the guide :slight_smile:.


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