What does Kuribotchi / クリぼっち mean exactly?

I know it roughly translates to “chestnut person” ( thank you tamagochi wikia of all things…) but a Japanese person I’ve been speaking with says it’s used specifially for someone who is alone on christmas. What do you guys know?

Did you try a dictionary?

It literally is a combination of “chestnut” and “alone” (ぼっち is an abbreviation of 一人ぼっち). You can imagine where the meaning comes from that.

EDIT: as paulinjapan pointed out below, クリ is just an abbreviation of Christmas. I don’t know where the chestnut interpretation came from in the first place, but I should have realized it made less sense.

jisho translates it as “spending Christmas alone”
here the link: クリぼっち - Jisho.org
(I’m not advanced enough to use the japanese only dictionary)

@Leebo Are you sure it isn’t an abbreviation of Christmas?

In Japan Christmas is considered a “couple’s holiday” often spent with a significant other or friends, somewhat how Westerners treat New Year’s. The literal meaning is “someone alone on Christmas” but I think it also expresses a certain sense of longing for someone to share the holiday with or the disfortune of being single.

Yeah, that makes more sense… for some reason I just took that part of what he said and didn’t question it, since well, クリ is chestnut (and chestnuts are associated with Christmas, though, yeah, it’s not like it’s a super strong connection).

Anyway, yes, let’s throw all of that original translation out, heh.

This is begging to be turned into a San-X character. Lonely chestnut person, dressed as different holiday foods.


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