What does 勝北(しょうぼく)れた帰り道 mean in English?

How do I translate 勝北(しょうぼく)れた帰り道 to English?
it continues by saying ”風当たり強い日は, ただ一つの火が灯る”

I don’t know what 勝北 is, it looks like it could be a place name? If that is true, the gist I’m getting from the sentence (which might be wrong, because I can’t parse 勝北れた either) is “The way back to Shouboku, a windy day (literal: day with strong winds?), just one fire/light is lit.”

Is this part of a story/essay?

It’s part of a song lyrics
しょうぼくれた 帰り道
風当たり 強い日は
ただ1つ 火が灯る

When I googled しょうぼく it gave me a suggestion 勝北 so I assumed that’s the kanji for it. So far I just translated it as “Resistances on the way home” but I’m not sure if it’s the right translation


More likely to be the verb しょぼくれる


Yes I think that’s しょうぼ + くれた

EDIT: Never mind @Subversity got it right above.

oops, I misread that. It was しょぼくれる Thanks xD

So It means “a shabby road home” right?


More like “Dejected, I wander home. My heart is like a single lit flame on a day when a strong wind billows.” There’s probably a more elegant translation than that but I think that’s the gist.


Dispirited returning home…

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Thanks everyone! I finally understand this! =)

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