What does "一課" mean?

Seeing this frequently in a game I’m playing and it’s not on jisho. At least in this context, it is NOT lesson/chapter one. Anyone have any clue what it could be?

can also mean section, division, department, chapter, etc so maybe something like “first division”?

Can you provide the context?

If possible, could we get the whole sentence? What came before or after it may affect meaning, 第 for example

Also as misc said, context would help a lot.

first division… could be possible! Now that you mention it, it might have something to do with a police division/departments? I have a save right before it mentioned it a couple times, I can pull one up easy-peasy. Thanks all.




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Yeah I think “first division” or “division one” would be totally plausible in those examples :slight_smile:

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Yeah it can also mean “division”, “department” or just “section”, in the context of what you’re playing it definitely means one of those.
That’s why words like "課長” exist.

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Thanks MissMisc and Blood, you are correct. I added “first division” to a google search added with other phrases from the game and it showed up. Apparently it’s what one of the police divisions that a senior investigator is in charge of. I’ve been playing this game for well over a year (stopped for a long period of time and only play on weekends) so it’s easy to forget what i played week from week. I’m sure the game explained this many many moons ago, I just didn’t understand it (most likely) or just skipped it (also likely) :laughing:

Much appreciated.

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