What does ミグルミミグルミ mean? (Song title)

This is a track from Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Spotify

On Spotify it says (Due Recompense) as well in the song title. So it could just mean that (Due Recompense) but would be interested to learn how that works and where it comes from, since it’s in katakana. As it repeats I wondered if it could be an onomatopoeia? Is it a slang word to do with gangs maybe? I couldn’t find a translation online. I believe it’s from part of the game where you fight a gang near Wall market.

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Could it be this one? みぐるみ - Jisho.org


The FF wiki page for the soundtrack lists this track as “Due Recompense (ミグルミ ミグルミ, Migurumi Migurumi?, lit. Possessions, Possessions)”, so at least one other person agrees on that.


Thank you, interesting. So I guess it’s part of an expression to do with being robbed by a gang, which makes sense in the context of the game

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