What does マイナスに振り切る mean?

I came across this idiom and I don’t understand what it means. I wonder if someone is familiar with it?

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I can’t find anything on it as an idiom specifically. What was the context for it? Maybe that gives some hints on what direction to think in.

I’ll try to find the specific sentence, but two people were discussing one was complaining something and the other reassured them “it’s okay, マイナスに振り切る.”
Same, I found some examples searching for it but they didn’t explain what it means .

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What were they complaining about? Was this in the context of a sport of some sort? I suspect the マイナス may have something to do with the situation they were complaining about specifically.

Google translate gives me “to swing to negative”, and based on examples online, I think that’s the case. There’s also プラスに振り切る.

Something about temperature changing quickly and something overheating.

Basically the “swing” meaning but applied to measurements/variables.

Could be wrong, but it makes sense to me.


Okay, so I had a look around and it seems to not really be an idiom in itself - it just means something like “swing all the way to being negative/a disadvantage/…”

So the context of what was being discussed will determine what exactly is being expressed, but if you look at this tweet for instance:

What he seems to imply is that his femininity is so low it swung all the way around to essentially the opposite of femininity.

Could it be something like that?


Ohh, I feel like I’m starting to get it. I need to check the exact conversation, it was a while ago and I just now thought of asking it here. Thank you so much!


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