What does "ホラネー" mean in this song lyric?

From 幸せ者 by Fishmans:

みんなが夢中になって 暮らしているさ ホラネー

I get the meaning of the sentence, but don’t seem to understand what ホラネー could mean. And I can’t find anything online about it. Could it be a made-up exclamation? Or a name?

I also found this blog post online: ウキフカセ100% : 2017/9/21 南伊豆石廊崎釣行
In it the author captions a photo of himself holding a fish he caught with “ホラネー(^^;)”
Could it be something related to fish? (As in Fishmans?) Maybe a stretch? Lol

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ほら + ね perhaps?


That would make sense… all the transcriptions I find online write it in katakana which is what throws me off

That instance means “Look!” as in check out this fish I caught.

In the lyric, I think the better meaning is “hollow”

My grammar is still very poor, but I would translate that sentence as “Everyone is obsessed with living hollow lives”.

Thanks to 10ten firefox extension for spot translations.

ホロ― =/= ホラ

I would agree that it’s probably just normal ‘ほらね’ as in ‘look!’ or ‘right?’ to basically call attention to the statement–that makes the most sense to me.
I asked my Japanese co-worker and they agreed, but said the choice to use katakana was strange, which might just be a Fishmans thing. I personally love their lyrics, but it wouldn’t be the first time they chose to say (or write) something odd in one of their songs.

I see what you’re referring to now. That’s not katakana, though.

Also what Gustav says, this is the word you’re seeing.

Not the adjective.

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It’s not a bad idea because it does seem to fit somewhat with the lyrics, but the “hollow” you circled is a noun, meaning the same thing as “cavity.” Also based on where it is in the sentence and the fact that it’s followed by ネ, it seems very likely to just be the standard exclamation ほらね.

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