What does 「会」mean in this context?

For a short bit of context, the archery club president is teaching some girls how to use the bow, and this 「会」is thrown in there. I’ve no idea how “Meeting” fits in here so I’m assuming it’s something else entirely. Also it has furigana on it which is even more odd (this manga doesn’t use furigana) so I think it has to be something different. Any help appreciated.



Deleted Im a donkey and was wrong again.

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Is it addressing more than one person? It could be a vocative for the group.

I think we are looking at one of the 8 stages of shooting described here: “6: Full Draw : 会”. It’s a jargon term, hence the quote marks in the manga dialogue.

I bet if you showed us the context rather than just one panel we’d see some of the names of some of the other stages show up…


Ohh thank you. I don’t know much about archery so I wouldn’t have guessed.


Me neither – I made a guess it might be archery specific and got lucky with google…


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