What does “はぐれ” Mean?

Have found contradicting definitions online

What’s the full sentence?


I found this. Says it means ‘lost’ as in ‘lost cloud/a lone cloud’. I agree that more context would be helpful

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はぐれ is the 連用形れんようけい(continuative form or “masu stem”) conjugation of the verb はぐれる. In jisho.org, the verb はぐれる has these 2 definitions:

Ichidan verb, intransitive verb

  1. to lose sight of (one’s companions); to stray from
    -​Usually written using kana alone

Auxiliary verb, Ichidan verb
2. to miss (one’s chance to …)​
-Usually written using kana alone, after the -masu stem of a verb, sometimes as っぱぐれる

The example sentence provided is:

私は途中で彼とはぐれてしまった。 I lost sight of him on the way.

The basic definition seems to describe the situation of getting separated from one’s companion(s).


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