What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I would like a way to change the bakground colous on the vocab lessons/reviews so that I could set a cetrain color for all the onyomi readings and another on for the kunyomi.

I see weekdays, numbers and letters in colours and this would make it very easy for me to remember which one is onyomi/kunyomi.


well, you can also just take WK’s mnemonics, which also always build a story from the radicals, they’re already there. (though i’ve often found my own easier to remember)

not sure if there’s something for colors, but i really like Katakana madness, it puts all onyomi readings in katakana. For me that’s enough. If what you type appears in katakana, it’s onyomi.

For a more explicit hint, this script explicitly tells you Kunyomi or Onyomi during reviews.


Thanks for the tip. Prefer colous though.


Well, I feel like kanji would be better building blocks (wherever possible) since the meanings of radicals we learn are kind of random while the meanings of the kanji are easier to remember since we use them in vocabulary. Furthermore, if we use kanji, we’ll have fewer building blocks which I think will make things even easier.

For example, I keep mixing up raise 挙 and fist 拳 so I nowadays just think of raise as a fist with one less bar. This seems easier to remember than four different radicals.

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I find it easier to consider crab (or something) + hand vs gladiator + hand, but you need to find what’s best for you of course.
WK only has 484 radicals, many of which are also kanji anyways, that’s very little imo, in the context of a base level of vocab of 10k or 20k to fluency or even just a couple thousand.

This might be a slightly weird request, and I may end up trying to write it myself, but I really love the [Userscript] Lesson/Review Count in Forums script, and would love it if I could have BunPro reviews similar displayed on the WaniKani forums. As I said, I may end up trying to make this myself, but I’m a back end developer with pretty much no javascript experience.

If you have a script that does a similar thing from what you want, you can just copy that and start from there (that’s how I started writing a few scripts anyways) :wink:


Potentially very random request/question:
Does anyone know if there is a script that allows us to see which level the items belong to after we search for something (through WK’s search bar)?
Quick example:

I think it would be pretty cool if next to each result we could see which WK level those items are from. It’s just a matter of convenience so we have an immediate idea of when we’d potentially be learning the words we’re interested in without having to open every item just to find that out.
Yes, completely unnecessary, but would somewhat come in handy.

TBD if someone knows anything about this…


Does BunPro have an API now? I waited for one for years…

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Don’t think there is

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Too bad! Well, the idea is out if anyone’s interested ahaha

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A pretty basic one, but it can at least return number of current reviews and next review date https://www.bunpro.jp/api


Although, one option is to use Yomichan and these dictionaries which have WK tags for the levels


Thanks! I’ll have a look for sure!

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So I did try to make it work myself, but I think I might have hit a roadblock.

Access to fetch at 'https://bunpro.jp/api/user/<my api key>/study_queue' from origin 'https://community.wanikani.com' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. If an opaque response serves your needs, set the request's mode to 'no-cors' to fetch the resource with CORS disabled.

If anyone has a quick answer/advice on whether there is a header I can set to get around this, that would be great. I can access the study_queue url directly with my browser, so I at least know that part’s right. Based on some quick googling about that error, it seems like this might be an issue with bunpro’s api, so if that’s the case I’ll go post in the feedback thread on the bunpro forums, but I want to be sure it isn’t an error on my end first.

As you mentioned, one option is to get the people who wrote the api you want to use to change their CORS settings to allow other websites to connect to it. However, even if they don’t change anything, you could work around this yourself if you want as follows:

  1. Change the @include or @require statement in your script so it also loads on a website that the API does allow
  2. In your script, check whether it is being loaded on WaniKani or the other website.
  3. If it’s WaniKani, open a hidden iframe with the other website.
  4. If it’s the other website, get the info from the API and then use postMessage to send the result back to the instance of your script on the WaniKani website.

this might be interesting:

though as est_fills_cando said, i think Bunpro itself would rather need to change CORS settings.


That feels like it’s a little beyond my javascript abilities of mimicking existing code, but I might try it if Bunpro doesn’t change the api cors setting.
I’m pretty happy with how it looks, at least (ignoring the Now for next bunpro review).


A script that draws the characters in the correct stroke order instead of having them just pop up?

There is this one:

But it’s kinda broken currently, are there any others?

And besides, JISHO has these beautiful animations I’d love to see implemented