What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Would a script that made you enter all the given (by WK) readings for a kanji be a good idea? I always try to fit the other readings into my mnemonic if they haven’t been mentioned and alternate which ones I answer with (because I feel like they’re missing out on reinforcement if they’re not being tested on), but is this something that will sort itself out once you get to vocabulary that actually uses the other readings? (Although I’d rather avoid another 日 = じつ wait what I don’t even remember having a mnemonic for that situation.)

I couldn’t find anything like this other than the script to enter multiple answers, but that doesn’t tell you if you missed any, which would make me baulk at quickly moving on.

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Well, if we just learn a few associated vocab, then we already become familiar with other possible readings. So maybe not really required?

P. S: i also try to include all the readings in my mnemonics.

Given the recent ongoing updates to the context sentences accompanying the vocabulary, it would be nice to get an update of this script:


Choosing which sentence to show, hover translate, etc.


The parent topic is here, btw: [Request Granted as Userscript] Auto-show context sentence when answered right

Thanks, I wasn’t able to find it. On second thought, the script works pretty well as is, and I managed to edit which sentence it shows… so now I’m left wondering what I thought would be a significant update.

Edit: I figure I might as well share the changes I’ve made to the script if anyone’s interested:


The only feature that can easily be tweaked is whether the sentences show up on ‘meaning’ questions. By default, they only show up during ‘reading’ questions (the way I prefer). I didn’t make the new code compatible with older features because my own use is very narrow in scope.

The one thing it adds: switching between all the sentences for the given vocabulary with little arrows above the sentence.

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What about a 24h summary?

Normally, WK offers us the summary from our last review, but that itself doesn’t really allows to know how we’re doing in the short-term. A 24h summary tab (reviews done in the last 24h) would be cool to fix this problem.

Just a suggestion :man_shrugging:

How about available review notification during lesson session. I usually spend some time on my lessons and sometimes a review becomes available during this and I miss it.

Anyone willing to make this happen? :slight_smile:

In case I wasn’t clear, my idea was about adding the Kanji that one is looking at in the “Visually Similar Kanji”. I think this would make it easier to compare the Kanji.


I don’t know if this exists, but can someone make a script that will show what level the radicals are if you get a kanji wrong, or the level of the kanji if you get a vocab wrong? It would help immensely for knowing what kanji/radicals to unburn.

Got another idea: for those radicals that represent a Kanji by themselves, make a script that adds the meanings of the Kanji to the radical’s meaning. This way, every time we learn a radical that will later be shown as a Kanji, we will also have the option to memorize it as its original name.

I very rarely use WK mnemonics since I make my own with a mix of English and Portuguese. I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this :slight_smile: Having the original meanings would save me time and make my study more efficient.

One example:


Script to Blacklist WaniKani’s default correct answers, and manually add my own “correct answers” as User Synonyms… especially for some existing English translations

Someone on the original similar kanji script thread (that was a bit of a mouthful) made a short little script to move the “visually similar kanji” section to the top of the page - would that help?

Could you link me the script/thread? I tried searching for it but with no success :frowning:

It’s the last post in this thread: [Userscript] WaniKani Similar Kanji

I would copy it here, but I can’t figure out how to do the formatting like that and I’m afraid I might mess it up.

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You do codeblocks with triple backticks

Alternatively you can get the formatting used in any given post by starting a reply to the post and pressing the quote whole post button.


Ooh, thanks for that :smiley:
I may as well put it here then (unless there’s some etiquette against that?)

Thank you, but unfortunately that script isn’t working anymore :frowning:

It does, you just have to change the section number. I think the number depends on what other scripts you have installed, but changing it from 8 to 10 worked for me.

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Oh, ok. Do I have to insert the API key somewhere too? Sorry, my knowledge related to coding is pretty much 0.

Nope, just copy the code into a new script and change the number to something which works (you might have to test a few values).

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