What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

For this, 1 lesson is probably a good as N lessons.

My main request was a simple streak counter to motivate me to finish all my reviews every day. That’s seems to be where motivation would help the most :slight_smile:

I’m pretty motivated to do lessons, but tend to leave a few reviews in the queue all the time…

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Just to make sure that you notice. I have edited my previous post after you liked it because I misread one of your questions. I want to be sure you have seen that.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the developer continued to study Japanese and made the script work again?
Too bad all he can do now is false promises.

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Are you talking about yourself sarcastically? It seems like you’re being awfully harsh to the user you replied to, or whatever “developer” you mean if it’s not you.

I was using the script until summer last year, so I think you would only need to update it for the dashboard redesign. Possibly just fix the insertion

There is the self study quiz in which you can prestudy later levels. I don’t know if you can choose specific items to learn, though, and I don’t think you can set up SRS in there. I don’t use it myself, however, so maybe it is what you’re looking for! But I don’t think it’s possible in WK itself, because it needs you to have done the kanji/radicals before it can be unlocked.

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Hey guys, I have a request! I was wondering if there could be a script similar to the Burn Bell, but for passing kanji and radicals. I thought it would be nice to have an in review indicator of level up progress. And I like hearing the burn bell, so I thought something similar for passing stuff would be nice.

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Ideally if I unlock a word it would also unlock any associated kanji & radicals along with it.

What I currently do is pretty much that, where I start with adding the word in my deck, then any unknown kanji in the word into a separate deck, and then any unknown radicals to a third deck. Then I learn the radical first until it’s the 4th SRS interval and do the kanji deck, and then move on to the vocab deck.

Essentially I’m simulating how WK works but have to keep track of “unlocking” myself across 3 separate Anki decks, on top of doing WK as well. You can see how much of a hassle this is.

There is no way in WK to unlock a word before unlocking the related radicals and kanji.

I can see that. Unfortunately WK does not provide the ability to synchronize with an outside study program by unlocking material outside of WK schedule. The most you can do is peek ahead into locked material without unlocking. Scripts like Self-Study Quiz and Item Inspector will do it but but only if you study items in bulk. The ability to pinpoint specific vocab items is nonexistent. Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.

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I have actually considered doing this. Actually, I did it, but never released it. If you can find me a neat sound for it I’ll make it for you.

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Make the sound user-customizable?

Request: something that pulls random Japanese tweets/social media posts for you to read that only include kanji/vocab you know based on your WK level.


I do. You can see my avatar on the Vocab script’s topic.

Is there an extension that shows you the radicals without showing the rest of the kanji/vocab info? :thinking:

What do you mean? Showing the radicals where? Some kanji are displayed on the dashboard by default and the default three tables at the bottom of the dashboard display all sort all sorts of kanji and vocab info. Do you want to hide this? Or do you mean something else?

During reviews, getting a breakdown of the radicals that make up each kanji prior to inputting an answer.

As far as I know there is (so far) no such script


Thanks Kumirei :blush: :heart:

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If you want I could easily adapt this script to do something similar for kanji?


If it’s an easy adaption, that would be great! I have about 200 vocab leeches where I just can’t recognize the radicals of the kanji, but I know the mnemonics :frowning_face: They are really slowing me down, and by now just having a hint like showing me the radicals would get these leeches to go away.

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