What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Not sure if this still works, but it exists already

Also there’s a script where the word itself is replaced with the sentence


Oh. Thanks. How is it possible for WaniKani to have so many extensions?


I really haven’t a clue


Here’s another one: a userscript like Community Mnemonics, but with support for images and animations.

I have a somewhat timely request! A lot of people seem to be salty about the new layout, so would it be possible to make a script that turns different features into collapsible boxes? Like, if you don’t like the Forecast Review, make a button so you can toggle it on and off.

I personally would use it to hide the New Unlocks/Critical Items/New Burns, so I can scroll that much faster to the forums. Or maybe even hide the forums too if I need to focus and don’t want to be distracted by catchy thread titles.

Pinging @rfindley mostly just to know if it can be done. I’m not a good computer-er.


I have this thing to remove all the “useless” panels.


@Kumirei Can you update the screenshot to how it looks after the March 9th update?



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Did they get rid of the 10 character minimum for posts??

Post-test: No, they did not :expressionless:

Nope :slight_smile:

hint: type a html tag into your message like <thisiscompletelyrandomanddoesntdoanything>


I just made a script today that does it automatically. Never have to think about it ever again!


さすがAinz Kumireiさま


I want a super simple script: Fail all pending reviews. When I don’t get around to reviewing for a bit, they pile up and it’s crazy tough to get back to 0, when new ones keeps been added. I have started doing this as a workaround: review a bit, put myself into vacation mode so more don’t pile up, undo vacation mode when ready, review a bit… repeat. This is still annoying, as I know I’ll fail most of the reviews, so why not be able to just fail them all in one go.

I am so frustrated with it, that I keep on thinking of implementing it myself, but if someone can do it, that’ll be amazing!

I’d like a script for the lessons pages that shows the SRS level for each item and how close it is to progressing to the next level, even after you’ve Guru’d the item.

I like how the dashboard is, with the progress bar beneath the icons for the radical/kanji and would like to see the same sort of thing with items in previous levels.

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Immersion 日本語 Mode:

I’ve scoured all the possible extensions, and it really appears that there isn’t anything yet that would make Wanikani more “language immersive”

In other words, In reviews, for the banner to show/display/use "単語の意味、単語の読み方、漢字の意味、漢字の読み方、部首、” and for the dashboard to also be in Japanese as much as possible 復習とか、レッスンなど。。。

I think it would greatly help with getting and staying in a Japanese mindset.


I tried looking for something similar and failed to find one so I am sorry if there is something like this out there but:

I would really appreciate a simple “skip” button…

Essentially, I get really frustrated when a kanji is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t remember it right away and I make stupid mistakes out of impatience (i.e. I am on a roll and suddenly I have to stop for a vaguely familiar kanji that is on the tip of my tongue— get impatient that my roll was interrupted, get the answer wrong because I wanted to continue chipping away at my 100+ review pile and put down something I knew was wrong just so I could move on)

It would be useful to have a script that simply pushes that item (or items) to the end of the review pile so you can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes after going through the other items. I feel this would help me get through my reviews faster instead of holding me up throughout-- that way if by the time I get through to the end and I still can’t figure it out, at least I am at the end of the reviews.

Again, I am sorry if there is something like this already, but I can’t find one!