What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

There’s also the extra filters script for the self study script which let’s you review recently failed items



This is a good alternative to what I wanted, thanks!


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Aha ok, actually thought of a practical and useful one.

When you use the search bar, you can type romanji and it will search that as if it’s written in hiragana. So, you would literally search “kissatenn” and it would bring up “cafe” as a result.
I’m assuming that a lot of us have Japanese IME input setup anyway, but this would be very useful for when you’re using say a library computer or someone elses phone, which I often do.

I doubt you can install scripts on these devices, though

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So I have a really simple request for a script.

When I do not know a kanji of a vocab, I always look up, if the kanji is already burned or still in the SRS. If it is burned, I unburn it again, so that over time I have to know all the kanji.

My (actually very small issue) is, that in the review-info screen, the kanji are not painted grey, if they are already burned. I really ask myself, why this is a standard feature for the whole WK site, but not in this info-section.

Do you know if a script, that simply paints these kanji grey already exists?
If not, do you think it would be a good idea to create such a script or even mail at hello@wanikani if they want to add this feature?

Thanks very much in advance!


~T :lion:

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I currently use the pitch accent script and the audio button (i.e. the ‘j’ key) to reinforce pitch accent and pronunciation in my reviews. I would love a user script that makes pronunciation and pitch accent a first class concern (instead of just supplementing reviews).

Some thoughts:

  • can be combined into the reading review for a vocab
  • allows the recording of the user’s pronunciation and playback (it doesn’t even have to persist after the item has been reviewed)
  • to be used in combination with
    • the pitch accent script (to show pitch accent)
    • the double check script (to mark incorrectly pronounced answers as wrong)

The workflow would be:

  • vocab reading review appears
  • user enters kana reading and submits
  • script starts recording audio (maybe triggered manually if that’s the user’s preference)
  • user speaks reading and presses enter (or another key to start recording again - maybe backspace)
  • correct answer is displayed (and WK audio is autoplayed)
  • if user is happy then progress as normal
  • if user thinks answer is wrong (or just wants to check), they can press a button to play their recording (ideally ‘k’ or a key close to ‘j’ so they can keep swapping between the WK and user pronunciations).
  • if the pronunciation is wrong, then they can’t mark it as wrong (with the double check script)
  • if they want to check the pitch accent pattern they can just push ‘f’ to see the item details (the pitch accent script)

Seems to already be default behavior.

What userscripts are you using? You may need to request it there.

Hello yall,
I know the userscript I’m thinking of exists, considering I had it installed on my old laptop, but I completely forgot the name and I’d really appreciate it if anyone remembers it.
It was a script that showed the radical composition of kanji, and said like “the 手 in this kanji makes the reading て”. It was under the reading section of the kanji’s info.
Sorry if this isn’t where to ask this, but I remember that script helping me remember readings to an incredible degree. Thank you!


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This is it! Thank you so much! I tried looking through the API list but I didn’t know what it was called at all and any general searches for “pronunciation” or “radical” didn’t give me anything close.

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We are like the StackOverflow of scripting now. All the answers are there, you just need to search :wink:


lol, when I started this topic almost 6 ½ years ago, the idea was to avoid duplicated topics asking for the same stuff, now we have duplicated comments :smiley:


Could you make a script that shows WK example sentences under vocab in reviews? It might help with grammar/understanding of usage.

Are you sure you mean kanji? Only vocab have example sentences

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Sorry. I meant vocab :slight_smile:

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Not sure if this still works, but it exists already

Also there’s a script where the word itself is replaced with the sentence


Oh. Thanks. How is it possible for WaniKani to have so many extensions?


I really haven’t a clue


Here’s another one: a userscript like Community Mnemonics, but with support for images and animations.

I have a somewhat timely request! A lot of people seem to be salty about the new layout, so would it be possible to make a script that turns different features into collapsible boxes? Like, if you don’t like the Forecast Review, make a button so you can toggle it on and off.

I personally would use it to hide the New Unlocks/Critical Items/New Burns, so I can scroll that much faster to the forums. Or maybe even hide the forums too if I need to focus and don’t want to be distracted by catchy thread titles.

Pinging @rfindley mostly just to know if it can be done. I’m not a good computer-er.