What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

新Renbow h4x. I really missed that script since the new forum existed.

Renbow hacks by horusscope

Repeating this request because I forgot about it and when I jumped on here to request something else it put me right at this post, lol.

Is this doable?

The other script I wanted. I would like during new lessons, when it shows what radicals make up the kanji, for the radical synonyms to show up somewhere on that page.

Would it be possible to like, auto-recognize the radicals on that lesson page, find the responding radical page, and show your synonyms beneath.

Since it’ll be multiple radicals, I’d want it to be like
Radical 1: mansion, restaurant, pavillion
Radical 2: fire

So like, if the kanji had the radical “fish stick” I would want it to say
Fishstick: heart

There’s a thing I’d want. I don’t think it exists, but if it does, please point me in that direction. Or if it’s even possible…

Upon an answer one can see if an item goes up or down, like this:

But it only indicates Apprentice/Guru/Master etc without the number (1,2,3,4), so one can’t know how high or low now the item is without looking it up.


Request extension: “I don’t want to burn.” to help mark items you don’t want to get burned, and prevent from getting burned. (Probably by auto-resurrecting.)

I know I can prevent burning by getting it wrong, and it will become Guru, but I often forget – and too late – already burned – I just want to resurrect it immediately.

With the SRS indicator script you’ll be able to see the current level of an item and how many more correct answers it will take before levelling up.

Hello. I’m new to Wanikani and would like to install some user scripts. I’ve gotten a couple to work (ones that don’t require an API key), but I’m unsure how to use the ones that require an API key. I’ve generated a key, but do I need to edit the script and insert the key someplace or does the script pull the key from my account settings? Thanks for the help!

depends on the script. Some will add options somewhere on the page, others will require you to edit the script. In the case you have to edit the script it should be very simple to figure out, usually just copy and paste the key after "API_KEY = " or something to that effect.

Read the thread where you downloaded the script, usually has instructions there.

Most of the scripts that require your API key already fetch it automatically. And most of them store it on the same place, so you only have to install one script, fetch your key, and all other scripts will work out-of-the-box.

A great script to try out first is the Wanikani Ultimate Timeline.

Request a Web Application or a script to mark the lowest WaniKani level to access all Kanji in a given word, or each word in a word list.

For example, 織田 信長

織 is level 27
田 is level 2
信 is level 15
長 is level 6

So, the result would be level 27.

I plan to do a whole list on names, or selected vocab.

It would be nice to be able to compute a whole list, like

織田長政 (大名)
織田信成 (フィギュアスケート選手)

What would the level for each words be. Beyond WK is level 100. Kana is level 0.

Also, what would the level be, excluding Lv 100.


I request “blacklist”. If I answer ‘this’, I will be marked as wrong. “Community blacklist”, if possible. I don’t think we should be wait for admin to implement this.

Nice idea there. I might have a tinker this weekend.

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They are working on that though. Of course we can never know when it’ll be ready, but still… Seems worth it to wait.

I have name and proper noun list, so I might try to create one myself (with Python). I am still bad with JavaScript, so I won’t try web app for now.

If I were to succeed, I could learn Names by WK levels, for example

My level 61-75 Kanji are as follows: “xWK level”

I killed the bug https://pastebin.com/MZM0P7bV
Also, another version, for testing https://pastebin.com/uwGb9TGK

If you like it, please find a place to host it.

I was thinking if it would be possible to have a ‘self-study’ script which could work in ‘Found In Kanji’ and ‘Found in vocab’ sections? (on pages like this https://www.wanikani.com/radicals/water-slide)

Request a Userscript to tweak “Critical Item List”, to show “Leeches” instead, defined by

Current level minus 5 - Apprentice or lower
Current level minus 10 - Guru or lower
Current level minus 20 - Master or lower

Or something of the sort.

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Request a userscript to change the entire interface to Japanese instead of English. Thad’ be nice.

An english dictionary for the english meaning.


Is there an extension allowing lessons to be repeated? This could be done by putting a “redo lesson” button on the lessons page where it shows you the last lesson’s summary (or just review radicals/kanji/vocab), as opposed to starting a new session. Or one could “relearn” multiple selected items. Such a function would be very helpful for me, I find the lesson environment to be much more conducive to learning than just looking at the reading/meaning sections. Usually I enter a first review with at least one item I’m completely clueless about, and have to type in random bullshit. It takes 2 or more false answers for the reading/meaning to stick. I’d love to use this script to relearn my last lesson since I rushed through it due to time demands involving real-life humans. Even just that simple function (relearn last lesson) would be fantastic…


It would be nice if there was something that showed how many kanji, vocabulary and radicals you have in each SRS level.
It also would be good if it showed all of the things you had in apprentice (and the other levels too maybe) so you know what to focus on.
Something like this would be super helpful :slight_smile: