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busaninja said...
Eekone said... Hi! I would like to learn my textbook vocab the same way I learn vocab on WaniKani.
So I'm looking for an iOS app or a website, which allows me to create my own vocab lists for my textbook and review it with TYPING test (I use handrawing keyboard which alows me to draw kanji with my finger). Built in SRS is  appreciatable too.
Now I use Memrise for that purpuse, but I hate its "choose one" tests, which can't be disabled.
Any suggestions?

 I suggest giving this a look to see if it'll help take care of your needs. It's not exactly what you described, but I find it quite useful.

Huh? It is exactly what s/he described!
Also, you can adjust Anki so you type the answer in, I think there's a guide on this forum somewhere... Here! /t/AnkiWaniKani-20/9751/1