What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

(Apologies in advance if the extension I’m about to request already exists, or if it has been extensively requested before. After searching for a while, I found neither such an extension or anyone requesting it.)

So, I was introduced to WaniKani by a guy who had over a 1000 burned entries. Yet, I noticed that when he watched some of the low level stuff I was doing at the time, there were readings and meanings that he had forgotten - items he had long ago burned. So I quickly realized that Burned items too fall the risk of being forgotten, en masse, due to lack of practice. Of course, we never get to practice them again via WaniKani, because they get removed from our review queue for ever.

This could be, and in fact should be, compensated for through “real-life” exposure to the Japanese language in text and audio, via books, websites, movies, podcasts, or whatever you prefer. But it would still be great to be able to resort WaniKani as an all-purpose, “ultimate” Kanji reviewing tool - and be able to review long-time Burned items as well, just to see if I still remember them.

I would love to have an extension/app that would, at the least, sort my Burned items into a separate review pile (EDIT: found it). But what I really want is an app that provide a special review sequence for burned items where a correct submission requires me to list all the WaniKani readings and meanings for each individual Burned Kanji. A Super Sayan sort of mode for masochists that want to make sure they know their stuff.

Anyone else with me?