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Has anyone written a script to help disambiguate vocabulary with identical English “meanings”?

I’m thinking of something that compiles all the English primary and alternate meanings for every vocabulary item, then looks for items that accept an identical response for “meaning”.

It wouldn’t be hard to write something, but I wondered if it already exists.

I see posts like this one periodically. I’ve written some myself.

It would be interesting to at least view a sorted list of words with identical “meanings” (in quotes because often these words mean different things entirely).

I’m ultimately interested in identifying “hash collisions” where one English phrase has multiple, quite different, connotations, but Japanese has different words for the different connotations.

The first step is to just generate the list. The next (much harder) step would be to identify “hash collisions” vs. actual synonyms.

(Scripts like the Confusion Gueser do more than what I’m looking for.)