What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

One of these days I’ll get back to writing scripts (I had the bug for a while, but all my other interests are clamoring for attention).

Anyway, here’s an idea that I’d love to see implemented. Maybe I’ll get lucky and @Gorbit99 or @Kumirei will implement it before I get around to it!

I’d like a little “daily senryu” plugin for reading practice. I’m not sure whether I’d rather see it on the dashboard or on the review summary page, but I’d like it to show the Japanese by default and force me to click or at least hover to see the full translation (Japanese with furigana and English translation).

I wrote about senryu in another thread. That post links to a list of 300 Japanese-only senryu, enough for almost a year without repeats. There are other lists (with many duplicates from this one).

My first stab would be to take that list and use some scripts to automate the translation. I’d create a big JSON object with the original, original+furigana, and English translation. I’d probably just store the randomly-ordered list in the script and either step through it in sequence (keeping the user’s current index in browser storage) or, even easier, use a hash of the current date as the index. I’d use deepl or something similar for the translation, and sanity-check the translations manually.

It might be better to store the database external to the script so that new senryu could be added and translations corrected without having to create a new version of the script, but I’d definitely go with the simplest solution first. [A github repository for the database might be nice (PRs to submit changes).]

If somebody does decide to implement this (one can dream) please let me know so I can feel better about procrastinating!