What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I want this

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Cool, i’m on it :slight_smile:

Sneak peek

(the cards that have HTML will go into “Cards where frequency will be changed” of course.
Interface not final :wink: )

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Is there some ‘review ahead’ function that lets you do reviews of the next 24 hours if they’re at least Guru? (or of the next n hours if they’re at least x rank) This seems like something that either should exist or something that people have asked about, but I seem to be using the wrong search terms?

I’ve got 30 Enlightened reviews due one hour after bedtime, if I did them an hour or two earlier it certainly wouldn’t hurt the SRS much. However if I leave them till tomorrow morning they’ll clog up the precious time before work that I’d rather just spend on Apprentice items with short intervals.

I don’t think this is possible. Wanikani waits the specified time before making a review available. It believe scripts can tinker with reviews only when they are available. They cannot inject a review ahead of time.


Huh, interesting, thanks!

It’s done :slight_smile:


I don’t know if something already exists (if it does, can someone please point me in the right direction?), but hubby really struggles with dyslexia. He’s fine if I’m sat with him, reading out the mnemonics from WK but leaving out the answer-word. He’d love for a script that displays the relevant mnemonic but leaves a blank for the answer-word. Doesn’t really help with spelling the kanji and vocab, but it halves my workload when I’ve got my own reviews to do :rofl: So yeah, that would be our request if anyone can help!

I’m not sure if this is a thing, but is there an extension that lets you burn stuff immediately? If not, I’d appreciate it. I’ve learned some kanji from Genki that I don’t need to be drilled back into my head and I’d rather skip them.

There’s no way to do that. Best you could do is make a userscript to ignore an item, and it would automatically review it for you until it would be burned, with the normal waiting times for reviews of course. Not sure if there are any scripts like that though.

A forum script. So in the settings if you go to Preferences → Security, there’s a Log Out All button.
I’d like to have that button below the log out button in the dropdown as shown below:


Is it possible? Anyone want to put together such a script for me? :grin:

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I hope this works – it is not very well tested.


It works! I love it, thank you so much! :grin:


Well, that still sounds great!

Looking for an extension/tool that gives me a weekly sum of lesson and reviews I did.
WK stats doesn’t do this, neither does the heatmap.
Just want a number. (well, I mean, two numbers)

In the heatmap if you drag over a week (say monday to sunday) you will get the data for the week.

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What’s the name of that extensions that gives me how many radicals, vocab and kanji there are in the lessons queue when I hover my mouse over the big lessons button? I used to have it but can’t find it anymore

Lesson Hover Details

Is there a way to tag items? I’m not sure how to search for that function other than ‘tag’ and that doesn’t bring anything up…
Basically an option to tag/flag items to if you look at the level/radical/kanji/vocab overview they have a little flag or something, or in the case of text tags being able to search for them.
I’m using the Cherry Picker to sort out vocab I already learned on Anki, being able to mark all the ones I still want to add to WK would make that process a lot quicker. Could probably also be useful to mark stuff you struggle with and want to look into at a later point or something.

I am looking for a script that displays the “Part of Speech” Section information from the “More Info” tab above the vocabulary word during vocabulary reviews. It would be very helpful to increase association of parts of speech with word to improve grammar concepts. I feel where the part of speech info where it is currently is not as useful as it could be in a more readily available space.

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Is there a way to hear the difference between what you typed and the right answer, when for example you put in the wrong long/short marker? I’m always messing up the う and っ and I think if I can hear what the words are with one vs the other, in direct comparison, it’d help.