What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

KaniWani and KameSame are a lot better for this, but I believe Self-Study Quiz might be able to do it as well, and it’s available as a WK dashboard addon

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I confirm SSQ does this.

I’m getting a 502 Bad Gateway error when I go to download Lesson Lock. I dunno if that’s an issue with the page for your specific script or with Greasy Fork as a whole. :frowning:

UPDATE: Looks like it’s all of Greasy Fork. Maybe my ISP is having issues reaching them. I’ll try again later.

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I had this problem until I deleted the cookies on greasyfork. The old and new cookies have different content, so I’m guessing they changed something that breaks the site.


is there a script I can compare only two kanji at a time?

I just got confused in leech trainer about the kanji for plant and value, I would like o see them only, side by sid,e to create my mnemonic to not answer it wrong again.

Can recommend Confusion Guesser and the Niai Visually Similar Kanji scripts.

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Item Inspector can do it.

  • Install Item Inspector
  • Select table All Learned Items or All Wanikani Items depending of which kanji you want to compare.
  • Pick the Global Search filter in the temporary filter drop down.
  • Type in the meanings or readings of the two kanji you want to compare separated by a coma

The selected kanji will be displayed. You may see them larger if you pick the Lists of icon mode of display.


I apologize in advance if this functionality exists and I missed it, but is there anything that would allow us to flag items (subjects?) to be used as a list/filter for Self Study Quiz or Item Inspector.

You can use either of two filters for this. In Item Inspector you go to the Optional Filter Settings and enable these filters from there Don’t forget to refresh your browser for the new settings to take effect. This will automatically enable the filters in Self Study Quiz as well.

  1. The Item List optional filters let you pick items in lists Radial List, Kanji List and Vocabulary List.
  2. Or alternatively you can enable the Kanjidic2/Traditional radicals optional filters and use the Explicit List filter.

Option 2 gives you more features and the UI is a bit more convivial.

If you pick option 1 and you don’t want to select any item in one of the three types, say you don’t want radicals, you need to disable this type in the Item Type filer, otherwise all the radicals will be picked up.

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I typed value,plant and it appeared like this:

is is correct or did i miss some setting to show only these two kanji?

If you use the Niai script I mentioned earlier, you can just go to the kanji page for Plant or Value and you can easily compare them side by side. This script is a more powerful version of the vanilla Visually Similar Kanji feature.


This is correct. This is because there are many items that respond to the search terms value or plant and Item Inspector can’t discriminate which one you want.

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if no one made a better version, here:

its 6y old though



Does this also train you on being able to read very small kanji?

(btw, this sounds like a script idea, does this exist?)

yep, but you can also zoom in with the native browser feature to make it bigger (usually hold CTRL + Mouse Scroll Wheel Up)

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Not sure if this has been requested before, but…

I would like to request a ‘Found In Vocabulary’ user script. It would show the list of all vocabulary that a kanji is found in the ‘item info’ section of the reviews. That way when I fail a kanji review, I can click on ‘item info’ and see the list of all words like this:

I know I can go to the kanji page to see this list, but it would be useful to have it available without having to leave the reviews page.

Similar to the ‘Visually Similar Kanji’ user script.

is there a script that shows accuracy in reviews in a period of time?

I mean I realize after 9 am when at home I can get over 90% accuracy sometimes, but during the day and afternoon, at work, I get around 70%.

I would like to see some stats what is the best time of the day I should do more reviews then.