What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Belxjander said... I would like a script that works in Firefox or Chrome on Android or the Desktop so that I can take *unlocked* WaniKani Items for review on my tablet or desktop without needing a network connection.
It's called Anki or Memrise.
https://wanikanitoanki.com/ will export the stuff you have unlocked and you can create an Anki deck with stylized cards.
There is another thread Anki + WaniKani where hinekidori discusses their use of Anki.

The other thing I would like is a vocabulary tool where I can plug in WaniKani Items to create new *correct* Japanese sentences.

I have a good grasp of vocabulary and my first burned items however still need to actually have some decent vocabulary practise.
( my wife being Japanese is NOT helpful as that dictates going from 0 to perfect by just opening my mouth)

The Issue is the same as my trying to teach Basic English when as a native speaker I have gaps in knowing what exact basics are needed.
WaniKani Sentences by jeshuamorrissey might have what you want.
But the corpus
used is generally considered a bad source of sentences.