What do you use for output practice?

I currently use iTalki twice a week for practicing my conversations with a native speaker. Along with that I do journaling using LangCorrect.

However, I want to see what other resources I can add to help with my output. What do you use that you find useful and can recommend? (chat apps? sites? other resources?)


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So far it has been crickets, so I decided to google what other people use for output… and my thread came up in the search results.


You’re probably searching the wrong words. The only thing I ever used was Hello Talk, but really the best answer is anywhere you can find people with similar interests to you.

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I know some people use VRchat and use worlds were the majority speak Japanese. Other games with voice or chatting functions might also work if you live close enough for the Ping to not be a problem :wink:
(if anyone have any good game recommendations where you can chat with people in japanese please share them)

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I take a conversation class through the New York Japan Society that I think is great. Now that everything is online you can sign up regardless of where you live. Not free though, obviously.

I’m curious about LangCorrect… how does it work?


I also use regularly iTalki to talk with my teacher and other community teachers. That’s my main output.

I use HelloTalk as well, both for asking for corrections and doing live language exchange, but my experience is not great, to be honest.

How is LangCorrect? I write quite a lot, is the quality of corrections OK? can you have corrections from professional teachers?


Thanks I’ll take a look. I guess I should have been more specific in that there WERE other search results… but thought it was funny that mine showed up too.

Thanks. I also have heard of something else called Clubhouse(?) that people have used, but I haven’t looked into it yet. Also apparently Discord may have something.

Noted :wink:

LangCorrect is a site where you can create journal entries that can then be corrected by native speakers of the language. It works well, and there are quite a lot of users now so I find I get responses the day I write them which is nice.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at HelloTalk. I do like using LangCorrect and I think the quality of corrections is good. It’s free, so maybe give it a shot to see if it works for you. There isn’t an option to specify whether to have things corrected by a professional teacher, so its really just native speakers who would be doing the correcting (although they could be teachers).


I’m still new to this but there is a very active discord that includes native Japanese speakers I found. I don’t want my first post ever to be removed for linking a discord channel as I’m not sure if its allowed. But if you check on the Learning Japanese subreddit they have a link there. People there practice talking to each other either in chat or in the voice channels.


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