What do you type in when you have no idea what the kanji is?

same for me, immediately followed by hitting enter so i don’t have to stare at my mistake longer than i have to


I write “watu”

In the beginning it was “what”, but I’ve got to think of something else for the readings.

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Wow, had no idea others did this as well, amazing. I just type “ka” everytime for no good reason.

I always type “fu” for meaning and “ふ” for reading

Fu as in, F U, as in…you know

I type either “dunno” or “wakanai”

I type “ひ” unless I think the answer might be “ひ”…

Press x to doubt

Came here to say this.

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urge to vocalize internal monologue intensifies<

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I remember that when I started WaniKani, I forgot the reading of 下 so I just looked at my kana keyboard (on mobile) and randomly clicked on the middle top character - か, and… it was accepted.
That was weird, but at least I don’t think I ever forgot the reading afterwards.



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I type a variety of things, sometimes long strings, to give me a laugh among other things. “I forget”, “what the heck was this”, “seriously wth is this kanji, how does a cow and a blade make ‘untie’”, etc…

HAHA! I always type KA or か for no valid reason xD

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I type fu because it associate it with a few kanji that are associated with badness (i.e. me not remembering) like 負 and 不.

Sometimes I throw out token ones that seem to be common like こう (classic kouichi), especially if it’s a new level I just started and I foolishly learned a bunch of new kanji before going to bed or something…

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I use “-” when I don’t want to try, which is valid in both languages.

I just type “o”, it helped me remember the right answer for the bear wearing a obi, because I was so surprised I got it right!

I type “n”, because whether it is meaning or reading, I don’t neet to type anything else :smiley:

What are the kanji in the middle on the left between 「日清」 and 「グループ」?

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Sorry, no idea :sweat_smile:
Deciphering handwritten kanji is a whole new level…