What do you type in when you have no idea what the kanji is?

Nice question ^^
When I realize the chances to get the answer right are too thin I usually type in “waa” or “わ“ as in “whaaat is it, i totally don’t remember

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I put ‘hi’ for both meaning and reading I have no idea why XD

Haha same this is exactly what I write

That’s why I do あああああああああ which is also a good representation of my inner monologue


which kanji/level is that?
If I search ‘?’ from the dashboard search, it does not return any result.

ps: I am smarter than the machine, i searched \? :muscle: :mechanical_leg:


for the reading, “idk”
for the meaning, "い”

or if I’m particularly annoyed at myself


“a” or “ぁ” because I can get to it fast and it’s usually wrong

しらない usually

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XDDDD!!! Same word here.
One time I was so angry, I typed the refrain from “never gonna give you up”… I still struggle with this damn vocabulary. But one day… one day!!!
I can get extremely creative when I am pissed at my lacking kanji knowledge.

But most of the time I just type f*ck or any other swearword XDDD

Funnily I often do not remember the correct meaning the next time around, but I still remember which swearword I have used!

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Sometimes I write “dunno,” sometimes, when I’m really mad at it, I’ll write “was never gonna remember.”

This touches me, deep inside.


Same thing I type when I don’t know the pronunciation.


Just some random keys or just no.

i make myself not think about it hard. if I don’t know within a few seconds then I don’t know it and the function of the SRS is to then let me review it and then bring it back to me faster.

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same here, “い” or “i”, too lazy to type I guess

I also usually do い or う for no good reason (but should change it now that I’m getting kanji where that could be correct). I actually avoid typing in something like こう or りょく just because I’m worried I’ll accidentally teach my brain to associate the kanji with an incorrect reading. So maybe ああああああ is a good way to go. :smiley:


On reading questions I have to type the okurigana, because I installed the ‘do you even kana’ script on my laptop. On my phone I just select a kana at random, or guess. Except lately I have been usig Flaming Durtles, so I just use the “don’t know” button.

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じ is for Jesus

This is why I installed the “close but no cigar” userscript, because I was accidentally cheating way too often.

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