What do you think the best jlpt drill site/app is?

I was just wondering this as the jlpt is coming up in a month … my grammar is definitely my weak point and it drags my score down like in the recent practice test I took I got 140/180.I’m happy with this score because if anyone remembers I was convinced I would fail the second i walked into that room :sweat_smile:.Please tell me !thank you!


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I don’t know about the best, as I have yet to use these sites myself, however, these two sites might be what you’re looking for. JLPTは満点といいね。頑張ってね!


@VegasVed, feel free to chime in. :wink:

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JPDrills is great if you want a a lot of questions, some of which have professionally written explanations. Not all questions have explanations but they keep adding more and more explanations for answers.

JLPTPro is ok if you’re on a budget.

The Migii app also has a bunch of mock tests.

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has anyone used (https://japanesequizzes.com/)? It has free grammar/vocab

Or have any other recommendations? My grammar is not the best…

Thanks for the Japanese Practice for Self-Driven Learners (jpdrills.com) recommendation. The interface is so nice.

This is just what i needed to study grammar. Thank you again.

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Life. Shit makes you hard af.

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